1. Ramzait

    Tempestean Knights are recruiting!

    Tribe Information We are small currently, but are looking to grow! If you're looking to join a tribe that Respects and Listens to all members suggestions or ideas and wants to help develop it into a stronger tribe, then this is the tribe for you! We're looking to put together a team of...
  2. guny


    Some things I think should be changed with the messaging system: 1. When a tribe opens a tribe wide msg chat make it so more than one person can add or remove people. It ends up that players are kicked, leave or go inactive and new chats need to be made. 2. Make it so 2 or more tribes can be...
  3. AaccidentalAardvark

    Tribe Forums Help

    Hello, So I want to preface this by saying I am a veteran TW1 player, started when world 1 was still open (but I believe it was in end game at the time). I have come back to play on the second installment and have found some differences that I seem to be having trouble with. In TW1, when...
  4. How to win?

    Noticed that this tribe doesn't have victory points.. How do you win in this world?
  5. Christy82

    Where is everyone

    This thread is quiet, too quiet. Where is everyone? Where is the top 5 tribes, where are the players insulting each other, where are the tribes that are recruiting? I hope this isn't a sign of things to come. No one is trash talking anyone. Usually, there are more people on a world's thread...
  6. The Old Gods

    Tribe Name: American Made (AM.) World to land in: EN30 (sometime in August when they announce new world Plan: Pick a fight with a bunch of Europeans and win Server Goal: #1 Recruitment: Target amount 50 players, Max 80 players Application process: Tell me your down to try it and have...
  7. Krimlon

    Top 8 Tribe Chat

    Since the majority of posts in the Map thread is more off topic posts than anything. I felt the need to make a thread for that specific purpose so people don't have to wade through pages looking for the maps. So anything pertaining to Battles, fights, ego inflating and other such things with...
  8. Market

    I've played multiple games that look alike Tribal Wars in the past. Many of them with a Market trading system. Some even had advantages when it came to trading speeds. For example, it would be significantly faster to trade among members of a same group e.g. tribe, allies. On that matter, me...
  9. Late call for a tribe

    I have come into the world a little late but am happy to help out a tribe from the rim. Prefer a team member orientated tribe that like to win
  10. SamL

    Map of Kronborg top 10 tribes

    I will try to keep this thread updated weekly at least. As of December 20th, 1:23 AM EST, the distribution of top 10 tribes looks like this
  11. [Tribe] The Zaian Empire | TZE

    I have recently founded a tribe I Kronborg. I intend to bring in several people not currently playing Tribal Wars, but I am open to the possibility of allowing mature current players of joining forces with us. I am currently working on maximizing the usability of our in-game forum system. It...
  12. Necromancers With Attitude (NWA)

    Hi, i am Kittlyvr5000-long time tribal wars player and i am one of the co-leaders of NWA! we are currently recruiting new members into our tribe and are willing to accept all types of players ranging from newbie to veteran. We promote a fun and friendly environment but are not afraid to take...