1. Raze a Village

    I propose a way for you to be able to raze your villas to the ground There could be a little button in the city info screen saying "Raze Village" if you click it it would say "Are you sure, this will destroy your village and turn into a Barbarian village" When you raze it a random amount of...
  2. Reported Can't rename new Villages until they've been Renamed on PC

    I've had an issue a few times now where I cannot rename villages on android after capturing them. I will log out and in after trying to restart the app but neither solves the problem, I am still unable to rename recent captures on android. After I have later renamed the village from my PC, I am...
  3. Nobles and villages

    Quick question. If i have 3 nobles and I take over 3 villages. I'll now have 3 new villages and 0 nobles left. Now if somebody comes and takes over one of my villages, do i get refunded the 'use' of the noble and am able to train another one without having to make coins? Thanks