200 Crowns


Tribal Wars 2 Team
I agree with you. I've always felt like 200 crowns as a reward for winning was too small.
I think this was already on my spreadsheet of things to lobby for, but if it's not I'll add this to the ever growing list of things.


they did for a while give more crowns to tribes that finished with less people pretty sure if i remember right it was something like 500 crowns when we finished with 25 on A server per person. But it should be that way for sure a set amount then divided by the number of members in the tribe that will make it actually better(though we all know it is not really as big of an incentive at it appears) example 10k crowns to winning tribe/number of members at domination with 20 players that would be 500 each person. Probably lower than the average given now for those vp worlds so maybe a boost for dom like 20k with 10k for vp worlds.


Still waiting for world with secondary end game objectives added tbh. Probably stop a world from being to boring to quick.