2nd village quest


Great idea, bending trouth into obscure. Not quite sure what the woman should methaporically mean.
Have seen what happened to other threads in which this fact of what is allowed and what is not got degraded to banality.

What really makes me angry and sad is that people who earn more then i ever had, have chosen a path to have even more in making unfair allowed and tolerable. Example: I know people on Ermitage that on wings of benefits from injustice spent up to 500 dollars and people who spend over 100 to try and counter that in a position that was described by mr. Tokano as "you guys are out of luck"



I know I've got something in here for this. Let me find it.....

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Let me retore it, i have been a member of mmos scene from the beginning (doom3 and quake 1) and 10 years on board of f2p mmo, which innogames is one of the pioneers.
When i played tw1 there was micropayment option that gave you premium account and a lot of benefits to organize your play, spend around 50 bucks on it in 2 years span. Well that was in 2007 so price comparison is relative. Here in tw2 50 bucks means 2 months of level that you gained in tw1 in 2 years. Same is all over the f2p genre, with twitch top viewed companys at the top of food chaine.
Milking/destroying of customers that play these types of game has become vulgar and i can say with a message that came in ermitage (wont post there becaouse it was vomatly turned in inno favour) "we can even add injustice to this sceheme".
Have my eyes on some cases more or less similar to this on watch, what will happen to those players?



I am not sure what you are saying exactly Transy but you brought up 2 points which I found interesting the vulgarity in the player base. I believe inno does a pretty good job. On World C we had a player in TLI which I was running there sent out a racist tirade. I worked with the other tribe leadership to have their members report him and I and my leadership reported him. He was banned from the world within 48 hours. I think inno takes those kinds of things seriously. If not so much as inno as the moderation community within the game which I know is fairly small.

The second point is f2p in general 90% of the player base will not pay. All f2p games have to cater to the 90% who will not pay because if they do not, free play players will move on to games that cater more towards them. Right after the explosion of League of legends as a MMO f2p alot of business models were done trying to wring more profit. The games which pushed the envelop too far from the purely non playing players became unprofitable.


I know that fact that 10% of players pay the most of income from these games, the rest pay a much smaller part. Well in one major title of f2p branch I was in that 10% and end up realy hurt, in tw2 i got hurt before i paid a penny so its kind of ironic, paradox experience for me.

If not clear what is this about : https://us.forum.tribalwars2.com/index.php?threads/second-village-compensation.413/
and we were silenced by staff/some users


I dont, no worries I wont bother you anymore. i know this was disturbing and it should be, most people have some law awernes and knov what precedense is. I know you will have the last word so my last word is, moral and vacant people have to watch out for these kind of issue turn outs.



I just want to point out, there was a bug, and they handled it how they did. If you buy an ice cream cone and some bully comes and knocks it out of your hand, do you call 911? That's what i'm seeing here.

Disclaimer: I'm posting as myself here, you seem to be very quick to voice your opinion which is fine, but also just as quick to ignore other opinions or counter-arguments. I've nothing further to say about it, but something needed to be said in response.


does anyone know and tell me how to use troops sent to 2nd village as support? or how to recall them to 1st village? i sent some soldiers to my 2nd village to farm barbarian around 2nd but can't use them through 2nd village..


Unfortunately, you can't command soldiers that have been sent to your second village through the second village. To command them, you have to recall them back to your first. (Click on the button that looks like a shield with two swords crossed on it, click on external units, then click to send them back). After you recall them, you can command them from the first village again.

If you want to farm with your second village, you're going to have to create troops in the second village.