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New Issue 5 G phones

fun time

It's been a nightmare coming back to the states. Trying to play and alot of the times i try to log into coops and freeze up or get kicked off. I have a Samsung 22 ultra 5G think spending $1,200 i have the best phone to play lag free it hasnt been fun. I almost to the point of getting a refund from inno its not my phone. These servers been bad for years. And im told one more time to put a ticket in I will snap. support needs to fix these servers you take are money you owe the player base lag free servers

fun time

I love this game 8 years. I Do not feel bad about my last massage. Stop blaming the player base on there phone issues. ITS ON YOU INNO. You guys should give the player base a big gift on your buggy servers

We are aware of some issues related to playing on mobile and are continuously doing our best to improve the situation. Thank you for sharing your concern with us once more.