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    It's working fine for me, that's what I originally was replying to with my comment

    IYAAYAS Guest

    Though Glinteye did not know this at the onset, his founder and one other decided to attack one of our members and spy another. Had that not happened, we would likely still be calling the same areas home. They were a tribe of less than ten and we have over 100.
  3. Glinteye

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    Five total, if you count 'ben' who apparently only played long enough to join the tribe.... The other guy who attacked was also completely silent message-wise.... I was so mad when I found out. Plus, the founder denied it. Then, once they lost one village apiece, they both restarted and went Fringe-side. The founder even pulled support right before an attack hit. The whole thing is over with though- I'd rather not talk about it. I'm rebuilding and pleased, so no use belaboring anything, ya know? Learn from past mistakes and choose allies who communicate.

    (Little does IYAAYAS know, I plan to build up my strength then conquer the whole tribe! BWAH-HAHAHAHAA!)
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    in my experience the players who complain the loudest about coiners are the guys who log in once every other day and then can't imagine how they are getting beat by the guy who logs in 20 times a day.
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    In MY experience, I logged in every day for over eight hours in a stretch, then periodically would check back in the rest of the day and I still had my ass handed to me.
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    I found it quite amusing when AKURI attacked my new village in his province and it had a church and level 19 walls already. :) (only reason it didnt have 20 was because i had no resources.)
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    But when a player launches 20 full nuke from one villa in a day that is un fair. And no i dont get on once a day im on 18 hours a day. And yes it is unfair to have one person cooping on 100 accounts to buy units.
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    Wow....cooping on 100 accounts. I've done 2 and it was way too much work!
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    So based off your theory/assumption when you get attacked and a player sends multiply attacks you want to call them out you start assuming? It's Tribal Wars 2 :rolleyes:

    Most people play for the thrill of war not hiding from it.
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    The thrill of death and carnage!!!
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    The reason I play this game! :p
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    I play for the cookies..........ummmm
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    ^^^^^^ Enough cookies to share
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    If someone is throwing 20 full nukes from 1 villa in a day they are spending inordinate amounts of money on the game. Fair or not though, everyone is well aware of what perks can be bought. I dont think there is any shame in saying you got beat by someone who could spend that much money. Granted, I assume this is probably an exaggeration as that would cost so much...

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