A new character ingame



A character that is hired for resourses. You send him into a enemy village. He kills till he reaches for an example 100 provisions. And for each kill the % to get cought increases by the number of provision the killed enemy had. Lets say he kills a Heavy Cavalery, Then he gets 11% chance to get cought in before the next kill. And so on. And if he reaches 100% he will return back to base.

To defend against it, you have to employ "watchers" and with a watcher in your castle you have 50% chance ot find him before he gets in to the village. And just to spice it up you can have 5% chance to turn him over to your side and he returns and kills at the village he came from. But this time the watchers wont help against him since he is one of them already.

And there should be a maximum 1 in each city. And you cant send more then 10 per account into a enemy village at once.

The cost of them i havent thought of its hard to get it balanced. Maybe 5000 of each resourse..

The watcher is recruted in the tavern and the assasin


Very interesting idea. Thank you for sharing. I will pass it on to the developers.