A New War


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Nothing too exciting. EXA and FLE merged into one tribe (TFE) and they're still trying to take HB1's more isolated NW while fighting RMT in the southwest and what's left of TRI in the north. From my perspective the NW has become a stalemate with few active villages swinging in either direction.

UPC/FVN/HLK teamed up with RMT for a massive offensive against Jhupka (who was the #3 player in the world and has since dropped to #7), but progress there is pretty slow as Jhupka builds crazy amounts of defense. (I fought him before and scouted his villages, it's a heavy defense ratio).

TRS is in the Northeast and presumably fighting UPC/FVN/HLK there, but I haven't heard much about it.

http://static.tw2-tools.com/map_www_us3_3611e33136d4c5d884ea969a2575ff9c_14350177772573.png This map shows a pretty good picture, with the three light blue tribes being one family tribe (UPC/FVN/HLK), TFE in purple fighting against HB1, RMT, and DTB. RMT is white since they have no diplomacy. HB1 is allied with DTB and the UPC family while TRI is yellow and also has no allies (or may be allied with TRS, hard to tell). It's worth noting that despite the large border, RMT is not fighting HB1 or UPC at this time (although there is a single player skirmishing with a few FVN players).


Yeah, they're definitely the strongest and most established tribe right now.
James is a great leader. I stI'll think they have a lot of fluff, but they also have some great players and leaders. Never thought they would make it this far, but they grow stronger every day.
I can think of no interesting wars. Only thing I know is that FLE is looking for allies against us, but our 'war' is not on the same scale as the ones vs TLI or Triads. Neither tribe has launched a lot of attacks. Mostly sabotage, which is still really lame. But signs point to it getting more interesting. :)


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I heard TFE claimed we were attacking you? I'm not going to lie, I laughed at that one. As if you'd need someone else to tell you if your tribe is under attack...

I'd agree UPC has a lot of fluff, but between the three tribes, I think they also have the greatest number of strong active players. Of course I might be biased since I've interacted with them so much.

The scale might be smaller, but I think TFE is the only interesting conflict going on in the world right now... Jhupka has been ganged up on by so many players it's almost depressing to watch. Especially since his tribe is falling apart so quickly.

I almost miss the days of TLI when it was so much fun to pick on the big guy.
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On February 3 war broke out between allies, the two most dominant tribes of this world: The Luminus Imperium and the Draconian Empire. Tensions were on the rise the day before when IXI recruited 29 new members from the 29th-3rd from several enemies of TLI. With the new membership IXI jumped from 5th to 2nd in ranking. A new arrogance came over IXI with this power jump and soon an IXI member nobled a barb in a TRI province. Arguments broke out and as allies of both tribes TLI was brought into the middle of it and soon had to choose a side. For several reasons TRI was chosen and war was declared on IXI by TLI. Hundreds of thousands of dead litter the battlefields already and millions will join them before this war's end. A couple of days ago the new power RMT also declared war on The Imperium, joining the numerous enemies of TLI, making it a total of 10 tribes in coalition against TLI and it's allies TRI. War rages across the core and its outskirts and an end is far on the horizon. Who will be the victor when the dust settles and the dead are buried?
Your posts are so detailed. And empassioned. You should become a Tribal Wars 2 historian lol