A wash?

hello all..it has been a while since i commented on anything. but this is interesting. as for no more than 2 worlds at a time, this aint happening. the more worlds the more money they earn. i am on U world and one of the first 50 players there, there is no reason for a tribe to run through a world in less than 2 months and have domination all ready. especially when you see those players on 4 other worlds doing the same thing. My thought is maybe restrict a player to 2 worlds at a time. then all you have to worry about are all those dual accounts in all the worlds. i know of 3 players myself that are running dual accounts. they admitted it and nothing was done about it. they said they needed PROOF. side note( maybe this is why the worlds are going so quickly and less people are playing.) i know i am down to 2 vills in U world and am still ranled in the top 170 players. what does this say about the number of players that are still enjoying TW2?
You guys got outplayed at EVERY turn, and some of us are on other worlds because U world is that boring, or were asked to help people start off on other worlds/friends asked if we'd come help them. The point is, the reason the world was ran through in ~80 days is strictly because of the inability of other tribes to band up against us, and instead of fighting and playing most of your respective tribes wouldnt even support one another. I'm not sure who you "know" is running multiple accounts, but that's something mods take very seriously and would be on top of. Don't fool yourself in thinking Mafia wasn't HEAVILY reported and watched, I can personally attest that your tribes reported me for numerous things that were so petty and mundane in an attempt to stop me from killing you on the rim. I had a 24 hour ban for a village name Bent-over DRL, which the original village was named Benddover, as well as peoples names containing profanity. The issue isn't the amount of players, as there WERE plenty before but due to toxic tribemates/loss of interest over no help, they dwindle away from the world.