Account problems


I have made 2 accounts with the name bgeller. The first account I made was doing fine for a while and then for some reason I couldn't log into the account so I made another one with the name bgeller and it allowed me to. I thought my account may of gotten deleted or hacked but the points are still the same and it still at the same location. When I try to look at it from my other bgeller account it wont show up on the map. The reason I can't log in is because it says my password is wrong and the email I used for it was the same as my second account so when I try to reset the password it does it for my second account. Is there something I need to do or is my first account lost


For account problems I will ask you to send a ticket to the support team so they can investigate what might be the problem. You can find the Support button at the top menu of the forum.


Correct - any account related issues, please submit a ticket so we can assist :).