Closed All For One or One For All?

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Who is ready to play for some potential major crowns?

All for one: A chance to spin a Special Prize wheel live on Skype with Coolnite7, 100 crowns prizes up to 1000 all for you!!!


One for All: The winning players will receive 500 crowns to contribute to their tribe skill levels.

How to Play:

  1. Each player that participate will reply here with ONLY the world they are currently playing. (e.g. US17)
  2. You can only enter one time so you must choose the world you wish to represent this competition. If you post more than one time in this contest it is off with your head.... that may seem a bit harsh so instead you will be disqualified. One post per player.
  3. Three players will be randomly selected in which they will have the chance to:
  • Spin the prize wheel live with Coolnite7 (via Skype) or...
  • Have 500 crowns automatically credited toward their tribe for the world posted.
The more players that post for your tribe and world the better the chances to win. The player decision will be posted for EVERYONE to see :).

This contest will close on 10/31/2016 at midnight CST.
Not open for further replies.