Reported Andy Dufresne needs ios app fixed


(Much more fun if read with Morgan Freeman's voice in mind)

I'm sure in all those years of writing to the state 'ol Andy missed a day or two as well. But the day after Andy would write two letters instead of one. He never gave up hope. Even though hope is a dangerous thing in these walls. All Andy wanted was to be able to farm during lunch at work and log in to his account to dodge attacks on his cell phone. Or even make an enemy nuke splash against his walls. You see, Andy was the type of gentleman who was what others in here would call a super active prisoner. He rarely ever got caught with his offense sitting at home.

The warden wasn't having it though. Soon Andy gave up hope. Its a natural thing I guess in a place like this. This is the kind of place where hope comes to die.

Please update the ios app so that it works with ios11 asap.

Thanks team!!


Very cute The development team is working on getting an update rolled out to fix the issues with the ios 11 update.