Any big name tribes arriving?


The Veteran
Next server I imagine L.Q will be there, we will be finishing up this one shortly.
My pals in w11 are interested in playing here possibly. BYE, former name is HI, is quite a crowd to fight with in late game. It will be nice to face a world full of Good tribes for once. Thats the plan anyways.


The Veteran
I'm going to finish w11, then jump straight here, w11 is almost done, the red guys have almost entirely quit....wonder why.....:p

Fireball jr

Lol, a crowd of 197 people? That's one hell of a crowd.
It was only a crowd of about 100-115 for the longest time, then there was a strategic merge which put it up to a full tribe :p
Many players voiced they wanted to join the new world but many others also have other plans. Could be fun to see what happens with that as well as other tribes looking at this world as a new home. Didn't a world just close recently?


I can imagine Alnwick players probably want to take a little break from the game after the amount of time it took for US1 to finally end.