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Attacks Display


Ever since the new update to TW2, I am having issues bringing up the attack log menu if there are returning attacks to barbarians, or players in the same area on the screen.

I am speaking to the axes on the screen below. Previously, all you had to do was click them, and it brought up the screen, showing when the attack was launched, etc...now, all I get is the returning armies screen, with no mention of the inbound attacks.

This is a huge issue on mobile, especially as a world progresses. I am not quite sure what to do about it, I am open to suggestions.

I have included the screenshots of the screen I am speaking to, and the one it brings you to when you try to click the axes. Seems to potentially be an overlay issue.



  • Screenshot_20180525-112203.jpg
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Shot of the screen it brings me to will not upload. Continuously saying there is a problem. Essentially, it only brings me to the return trips for my raids. There is no option to click the axes, or see the incoming attack.

*Edited to add*

-If I support my village, it will pick that up, and allow me to click it, then cycle through the attacks in reverse.
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Not a hassle at all. Will get back to you as soon as we have answers :)