Balancing Update II



Balancing Update II

Greetings, Tribal Warriors!

Brace yourselves for a meaty update! We are currently developing the next balancing update for Tribal Wars 2. This update concentrates on striking a neat balance between a smooth early game and better timed mid to endgame scenarios. Please keep in mind that all presented data in this announcement may change. We will have a longer Beta testing period of these balancing changes and will take your feedback into account before finalizing this update for a global release.

We are simplifying the Headquarters by removing the incomprehensible building and recruitment time reduction effects, and replacing them with more feasible production times across the entire board. You will be able to construct early building upgrades a lot faster while endgame upgrades will take significantly longer. We expect the game flow to be much smoother this way. During the first few game sessions you will progress a lot faster than before!

BuildingsBased on HQ levelOld valuesNew values
Headquarters (Level 5)4Wood: 227
Clay: 211
Iron: 176
Building Time: 1h 3m 52s
Wood: 1900
Clay: 2000
Iron: 1800
Building Time: 5m
Timber Camp (Level 20)20Wood: 3469
Clay: 6065
Iron: 3034
Building Time: 2h 20m
Wood: 3000
Clay: 3000
Iron: 2000
Building Time: 4h
Warehouse (Level 25)20Wood: 16414
Clay: 15497
Iron: 13624
Building Time: 13h 55m
Wood: 19000
Clay: 18000
Iron: 16000
Building Time: 12h
Iron Mine (Level 30)20Wood: 50768
Clay: 74595
Iron: 35837
Building Time: 22h 50m
Wood: 36000
Clay: 30000
Iron: 36000
Building Time: 48h

We also felt that the units needed an overhaul, so they can be recruited more speedily! All your units will now have readable recruitment times without uneven modifiers, and you will be able to recruit units up to more than twice as fast! The recruitment times were not transparent due to a large Barracks bonus decreasing recruitment times by more than 60% from building level 1 onward. This is why this bonus will be removed. You will now be able to recruit units a lot faster than before! The Barracks will also get three new technologies for its last building upgrades which will allow you to recruit troops even faster, using modifiers that are easy to read.

Examples for Barracks level 20:
Unit PresetsOld Recruitment TimeNew Recruitment Time
9000 Spearmen, 6000 Swordsmen, 5000 Archers~ 55 days~ 24 days
5000 Light Cavalry~ 26 days~ 18 days
20000 Axe Fighters~ 66 days~ 30 days

Two other buildings will also get some attention in order to simplify the game play. The Hall of Orders will now only have three building levels, and the Hospital will become more meaningful with more than triple the amount of beds for your wounded troops! Furthermore, we will move the Homeguard technology to Tavern level 14 to have one building level buffer for stray sabotage missions hitting your Tavern early in the process. The Daily Unit Deal will also be adjusted to the new game flow.

Furthermore, the quest lines will be completely redone with all these changes. You will see more quests and more rewards throughout the early and mid-game! We will also incorporate the Resource Deposit and Second Village to guide new players while exploring the game. New quest givers will let you distinguish military from economic quests a lot more easily.

Please read up more details about this balancing update below.


  • The main function is removed, so the HQ level no longer influences the building times of other buildings.
  • The main function is, so the Barracks level no longer influences the recruitment times of units.
  • Three new technologies that increase recruitment times are added:
    • "Sergeant" (level 10): +5%
    • "Lieutenant" (level 20): +10%
    • "Captain" (level 25): +15%
  • Some existing technologies are moved to different Barracks levels:
  • "Fortified Roof" from level 23 to 16
  • "Large Ground" from level 19 to 14
  • "Military Academy" from level 25 to 23
  • The "Homeguard" technology has been moved to level 14.
Hall of Orders
  • The maximum level has been reduced from 10 to 3.
  • Recruitment cost reduction:
    • Level 1: 2%
    • Level 2: 3%
    • Level 3: 5%
  • The "Foundation" technology has been moved from level 10 to 3.
  • The maximum amount of beds has been largely increased. Example:
    • On level 10: up from 300 to 1000
  • The resource costs have been increased. Example for building level 10:
    • Wood cost: up from 373 to 32000
    • Clay cost: up from 479 to 51200
    • Iron cost: up from 224 to 19200
  • Hospital level 10 can save units worth of about 130000 resources!


UnitRecruitment Time (in seconds)
Archerfrom 1500 down to 180
Axe Fighterfrom 1320 down to 150
Berserkerfrom 1800 down to 480
Catapultfrom 7200 down to 450
Heavy Cavalryfrom 3200 down to 600
Light Cavalryfrom 2100 down to 360
Mounted Archerfrom 2400 down to 450
Ramfrom 4800 down to 480
Spearmanfrom 840 down to 90
Swordsmanfrom 1200 down to 120
Trebuchetfrom 1800 down to 480

Please share your opinion and give us your feedback in this thread.

Your Tribal Wars 2 Team