Barb protection


Ok guys this is getting bloody ridicules, with the non existent spawn rate for new barbs and the over nobiling of barbs I say we make a list of the worst offenders and noble them instead, this is one to protect our quickly dwindling barb population by getting rid of the biggest offenders and send out a warning to other weak barb nobling players ...


If in actives really will eventually go barb I think it will be ok, Just not sure if there ever going to fix that.


It's easy enough (once you have a few other villages) to take a 33-point or 51-point village and just spam resources at it. You don't even need a level 20 market, and it's not 'pushing' since they are all your own villages. You can turn a 51 point village into 510 points in a day. And get it up so it equals the barbs in under a week.

Hinu Hyuga

I think taking barbs are okay. Only if they are near you main village. Now taking barbs near other players is wrong, cause it takes away from their farming runs.


When to take and when not to take barbs is an important element of strategy in TW2. I've taken every barb in my home province to prevent anyone from getting a foothold there: if they cant take a barb to build a church, they can only send 1 full strength attack at me at a time. If they try to take a abandoned village, they have no defense against counterattacks. And when attacking, its a good idea to take a barb in an enemy province, defend it, and build a church before attacking. Instead of complaining that people are taking barbs near you, crush them and continue farming. Or just shift to building cavalry and farm further out if you can't kill them for some reason. Or just don't let them noble "your" barbs: station defenders in what you consider your property, remove them right before your farmers hit, then replace them afterwards.