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New Issue Barb travel speed


I spammed 48 attacks using the same preset, 2lc 2ma and a MoL.
For some reason the times are different.Picture

Its a barb village, a player recently reset, we have lvl 10 raiding paths.

If i had to guess raiding paths lagged out? Some kind of check that checks if we have raiding paths went nope when i spammed it?


Attacks returned, used preset again, sends them at 12m, which is what the village description says it should take. So either the bug is they traveled faster or they traveled slower? Does the village info page on barbs take raiding path into account?


1. Your Mol might run out during certain number of attacks
2. On mobile, when you turn on mol, grandmaster, etc in preset, it will turn off for some reason, so its a glitch
3. Village will show the effect by raiding path, rally point as well as non-barb speed. But then it might be another glitch.
Since the end of last month alot of glitches show up, and now is getting even worse


1 and 2: Yes when you create a preset with an officer then edit the preset it disables the officers.
However i double checked and they used just fine, i got several pit upgrades by using them, around 70.
3: wack. Crazy, nuts. Could be several things, my guess is its tribe skill