Barbarian Point Cap?

Discussion in 'Archive' started by kind, Dec 9, 2014.

  1. kind

    kind Guest

    Is there any point cap to barbarian villages?
  2. SechulLath

    SechulLath Guest

    3500 points based on game settings, but it may not be an actual working setting.
  3. giantsfrey

    giantsfrey Guest

    I see some barbs in the Alnwick world with 3600 pts now :/
  4. SechulLath

    SechulLath Guest

    If its like TW1 the cap means they stop growing once they pass that point. There are 100+ point buildings so if those barbs may not grow anymore. If they do, then there is no cap
  5. SithMeister

    SithMeister Guest

    I'm thinking it's no limit Barbs. If they come out with a world where in actives go barb then they will cap it, but I bet there letting them grow to off set that fact.
  6. Manspider

    Manspider Guest

    SechulLath is right (the game settings show 3500 as the point cap for barbarians). Of course, that info is shared to the player's browser, but not necessarily implemented by the Innogames servers.
  7. Slayan

    Slayan Guest

    Barbarian villages are currently point capped at 3500 points. This means that once they reach 3500 and above they will stop building. However, if they are at 3499 points they will build 1 more building. The points added by the village will determine how far over the 3500 point cap the village will go.

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