Barbarian Village Adjustments


Here is a radical idea.

Because so much time is wasted on world after world arguing over if taking barbs is ok or not, if barbs should be farms only, who controls the barbs in a province, and if you are a skilled player or not for barb munching... heres a quick fix.

Developers should LOCK the original barbarian villages. They can grow like normal, but they can NEVER BE NOBLED. They will always remain farms.

As for players that go inactive, and turn into named barbarian villages, just change the graphic a bit, change the code, and the village becomes something other than a barb. You can farm it like a barb, and you can noble it. But its not technically a barb. Give it a new moniker, a RUIN, or a HAMLET, or a GHOST TOWN, whatever the case, it still serves the old purpose of being a usable barbarian village but it serves a new and different function.

If you have barbarian villages that can never be nobled, you can have a lot of fun with it. First of all, no one will be arguing over them. They will always be available to farm. And the developers can cut off different building functions in a barbarian village. Taverns are no longer important because you wont ever be conquering them. Farms, resource buildings, warehouses, the basics are still there and those are what you want to keep growing. Perhaps the resource buildings in a farmable barbarian village can go higher than they can go in a traditional player village - maybe Masters of Loot can end up raising the level potential to 40, 50, 60 on a barb, with plenty of resources to farm throughout the course of an entire world.

Maybe barbarian villages occasionally unlock a special resource - like Crowns, or enslaved spearmen units that you can bring back to use as troops (or farmers) in your own villages, raising the population level of your village. Maybe a paladin upgrade, or an extra spy slot in the tavern.


to be honest if they can't change the tribe skills because of coding, then they probably wont be able to do what you suggested. Its a great idea tho


Nothing, They simply don't want to put anymore time into the game. They're pretty much milking it out until it dies.


if they're seriously that lazy, why not just put it up on github and have the community work on it. i've met a ton of developers in this game, and would love to help out my self. and the great thing for inno is that... its free labor :/


They probably don't have a team employed no more to work on TW2, they moved onto new projects so all their developmental and coding teams are employed on those games. They simply keep CM's and other non programing staff entailed to the TW2 community to maintain the game but not further develop it.