Bergenhus (US28) Update Center! TOP 3 MAP! // ANALYSIS

I am starting this log in hopes to attract some people to the forums to spur up debate/talk/and overall activity of the forums. Please invite tribemembers to have a look.
Though I have only been on the server for a few days, I have made a few maps just to keep up with progress. I'll do one every Monday/Friday (and today). Anyways here goes.



Map Analysis

GAM looks to control the SE, while having 3 other significant clusters scattered around the map. USA/LIT seems to be the competition for the center, with LIT looking to form in the NW, and USA being scattered around, mostly in the NW/NE very close to middle. It looks as if the small group in the SE of USA is staying down there with GAM. Not sure of the situation there. It seems mostly its GAM vs LIT and USA is watching.

Conquer/pvp analysis

Based on the past few maps, it looks like GAM is being pushed around (except in the SE) by LIT, who seems to be conquering many of their villages. When I looked at conquers, majority is all GAM > LIT cities, meaning GAM cities being taken by LIT. It looks as if LIT will be the offensive dominators early on, with them having significantly more OBP than anyone else. On the flipside, GAM has the most DBP, more than double the tribe that ranks second, which happens to be LIT.

Let me know how I did with any tips.