Biggest Battles (Bezdez)


Tribal Wars 2 Team
Dear players,

This thread was created for you to publish either screenshots of attack reports that have been devastating or epic defenses reports on the realm Bezdez. If you had big losses or defended yourself as an experienced player, you came to the right place!

Feel free to share images (screenshots) of the biggest battles that you had the chance to participate on. :cool:

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Tribal Wars 2 Team
And this, ladies and gentleman, is why a mixed nuke is a weak nuke.

Turn those 803 MAs, 76 Cats, and 58 LCs into another 5,007 Axes and hit them with 12,880 axes instead.
You'd still wipe out on your attack but the person you just attacked would suffer heavier losses and as a result their tribe has to spend more resources and time rebuilding units that take more time and resources than your axes do.


correct mixed nukes blow... but dont tell biz i have been telling him that for years he dont listen... in all fairness he probably coined the MA so that was just a matter of getting max pop into his early nuke he had been pure axes mostly.

it does not have to be axe btw this is what cavs do ... and if he would have used cavs on jay instead of axe and ma the result would be similar. busted biz ass.png


Tribal Wars 2 Team
Wow, nice hit.

What kills me about this hit is the nobles.
I thought everyone sent out their nobles when they weren't online so they wouldn't be killed, I guess not.


I sort of suspect it was a neighboring village hiding the OT behind his stack thinking no one would attack


Tribal Wars 2 Team
That's.... Certainly a strategy.
Not a good one, but a strategy nonetheless.

Live and learn I guess.