Birthday 2018


I find it interesting that every time I play, and every time any of my coops or anyone I know has played on this Birthday Gwen game, we have received the bonus only on the 9th shot. I don't mind as long as everyone knows, otherwise it is deceptive. Statistically speaking I already know all 9 prized do not have the same chance of winning. So it is either unlocked or weighted somehow. But I see no rules or ToS or disclaimer (as is required by law) to those that invest in these shots.
Again, I'll likely shoot all 9 and refill anyway. But I've had several people complain that they have never hit the center after they invest in just enough crowns for 5-6 shots. Just giving you a heads up before INNO has a bigger problem on their hands.


Took me 5 shots for the bullseye today. Hopped on my coplay and got it on the first one..

We should all start posting screens here of how many shots it takes us each day... would be interesting to see if any patterns emerge!


Me too. Every now and then, I'll get the bullseye with a free shot. I think she does that just often enough to get you hooked. Once I start buying shots, she almost always makes me go all the way to the last shot to get the bullseye. I do not believe for a second that all options are weighted evenly. Just because someone gets it on the 2nd or 5th shot now and then does not mean that the odds of getting a bullseye on any given shot aren't lower than the odds of getting something else.

well that's good to know. maybe i have really bad luck... over and over and over again. ;)


did it 4 more times over the last few days. each time. 9 shots. did it on a couple coops as well. 9 shots. what are the odds that on more than a dozen attempts plus refills i have to use 9 shots EVERY time?! Yes, REALLY bad luck. Maybe it is inversely weighted based on how much you spend. ;)

Good news is that all of the other crappy rewards means I have Domination and Prosperity practically until new years. lol

Oh and the number of Harvests and Seasons I have is ridiculous. every village plus probably the next 10+ villages.


He raises a valid point though. Since the Gwendolin game is a game of chance that allows you to buy spins, it seems like it is technically gambling and gambling laws apply, including disclosure of odds.


Thank you. By the way, you're welcome for supporting this game. It's people like me that allow people like you to play for free.
Or you are just making them put more payable features because they know players like you will always pay to have an advantage even if the price is ludicrous. Food for thoughts.

Also sucks if the odds arent well represented. Not cool


Hey Inno
I have a great idea for a birthday celebration . how about fixing the ability of us to put names in messages with out that glitch . In fact I will make you a deal . if it gets fixed I will play this game on future worlds . if it doesn't G and H will be my last 2 worlds here and bye to thousands of dollars