Block Player Button?


Without going through all the suggestions here because I am too lazy... Can I suggest that we get a "Block Player" button? I am sure we have all seen and heard the insane ramblings of certain players *cough* Illuminati *cough* and we would all like to be able to block players we don't get along with and who spam us with mails constantly.

If you guys could get on making that feature, that'd be swell.


Fair enough. I will pass this idea to the devs. Thank you for the suggestion.



I would like to know if over that so called 'Block Button' a decision is made or is it still on the drawing board....
It is getting to a stage now that we could do with one, some people can be very arrogant and/or aggressive towards other people in this game.

I know we can report them, but a lot off people do not do that, and rather 'Block' them.
Any update on this would be greatly appreciated....

Regards TAZMAN2009


As far as I know a decision was not made yet, but the developers are aware of the suggestion. I will message them again about this idea to try to speed up the process.


I'm really sorry, but I don't have any news. This idea is already with the developers, but I don't know anything further than that. If I hear something about it, I'll post updates.


Hey guys,

Another bump ;). I've submitted this suggestion twice to the development team now, so please know we're communicating your thoughts and ideas!