BlockfForces Guide to Tribal Wars


Hello All,

I am BlockfForce the former leader of DCS on US TW2 W7 (G) and TW veteran of 6+ years. I played around 10 servers on TW1 W1-W25 and was a tribe member, warlord and leader for some of the best tribes that existed at that time. I have years of experience and you can ask anyone who has interacted with me in TW2 about my talent and passion for this game. Due to a serious family tragedy I need to retire and focus on family for some time. This galls me because my mission on W7 was to create a tribe that exemplifies a team, technique, creating strategy and a 'brotherhood' atmosphere. I think DCS has made a good start of this with me and I hope it will finish the deal without me. This Guide/Idealogy is how I approach the game and I truly believe if more tribes used it the game would be more enjoyed by all players who cared enough to log on and learn twice a day.

This guide is about mentality and relationships, if your looking for village build and troops google it or ask a veteran =).


Congratulations you have joined the game and completed the tutorial! If you are experienced you are annoyed because you went through the entire tutorial because you didn't realize you could skip it or you have skipped the tutorial only to realize you got the short end stick and only have 4 barbs In you province. If you are new you are probably a bit overwhelmed by all the flashing boxes and buttons to push. Have no fear!

The only village build advice I will give is NEVER let your troop cue go empty. This means three things. Be active enough to push the buttons, be careful that you don't max out your population and finally farm your heart out so you don't run out of resources.

Note: Many people feel a need to restrict their farming to their province or to make deals with those around you about which barbs are yours to farm. This is a falicy. Every barb and inactive on a world is yours to farm. If others are inactive or lazy and leave resources in them that is their fault. I don't care if it is the leader of your tribes next door neighbor, you farm it.

What you really need to do is start scouting your area for good players. Pay attention to point growth (obvious indicator) and use the achievement comparison tool in their profile to get an idea for how much they farm and how many troops they are building. If a player has similar growth to you and is producing a lot of troops, you want to be their friend. Once you have scouted the area send out a friendly message to the players with potential around you. I tend to 'act' slightly insane but very friendly, I nearly always get a response with this. There is many strategies with how to get someone to talk to you In message but the key is to get that first message. Once you have that message dont jump straight to alliances and blah blah blah. Ask them how they are. Ask them if they have some dogs. Tell them a funny story. Make them laugh at a stupid joke. REALTE TO THEM! We are all humans so if nothing else we all have hearts so find something to talk about. This will go much farther than any dumb agreement to farm this or that or help each other in a time of peril. What you will be forming is a friendship and with a friendship all the agreements you could make become defacto.

Having real relationships with these people makes the game much more fun. You enjoy logging in and shooting the...poop... and seeing how their day is going. When either of you is in trouble or looking at tribes it is already implied and known that you will work together because you are friends and have each others back.

Finding a Tribe

There is many ways to find a tribe and many ways to do it incredibly wrong. Joining the wrong tribe is a big mistake because they can be hard for a lot of people to leave once they have entered one. Always remember that a tribe is their to empower YOUR game. If the tribe feels like your just a wheel in the cog then get the heck out of their. Many tribes are made just to enable an elite group to look good and have meat shields. Others are ran by people that have no idea what they are doing but are convinced if they have enough points people will respect them so they invite the whole world. NEVER join a tribe with an open enrollment policy. If you can join with a click that tribe is terrible, guaranteed.

Indicators of a Good Tribe:
  1. Size – if a tribe is over 100 people and its only been a week, that tribe will not help you. These tribes are either mass recruiters that will be horribly unorganized or are a group of veterens that are land grabbing and asserting a wall of meat shields. For individual glory it is very smart to recruit large areas and then internally noble the players that happen to be inactive or not meeting some arbitrary standard that is set. This strategy is probably the second most effective in the game because it ensures that your top players have many villages quickly and you tend to find players that are very good and talented that will be an asset. As a person joining a tribe it tells me that I am just a cog to be used and abused at the whim of the powerful in the tribe. Look for a tribe with a low number of people (10-50) that has a tribe profile with point and village requirements.

  2. Points Per Member (PPM) – This tells you the overall activity of a tribe. If a tribe has double the PPM of anyone around them it means all their members are active. You can't build and farm effectively to gain points quickly without being online. It also shows that the tribe is carefully selecting its members based on some form of merit.

  3. Communication – If someone sends you an invitation message their recruiter and founder right back and start a conversation. If they don't talk back to you never ever join that tribe. The life blood of a tribe is coordination and communication. IF your tribe can attack 1 player with 3 players with attacks all timed within 30 seconds you are going to win that battle. If a tribe can do this 100's of times throughout a world it is a done deal. If a recruiter messages you prior to sending your an invitation this is a GREAT sign. This means the tribe is picky and wants to make sure YOU fit their tribe in terms of communication, activity and overall attitude.
Questions to Ask:
  1. Ask them about activity rules. What happens if you go yellow? What happens if you go red? How often do I need to communicate?

  2. Ask how the tribe is organized. Is it council based or single leader based (a good single leader is always better than a council because councils make decisions slowly, I prefer a top leader with an advisory council of veterans and sub leaders). What squad will you be in? Who is your squad leader? Can you have my future squad leader message me? These are all good questions that will tell you if the tribe is organized or not. They also show the recruiter that your are intelligent and serious about success which will immediately put you in good standing if you join.

  3. If a tribe seems to be blowing smoke about activity and organization put them to the test. I have had tribe leaders send spear fakes from 25% of their tribe in 12 hours before. Use your imagination and see what hoops you can make them jump through! This setp is easier if you are a point whore like me or have a reputation as a good player.

Diplomacy is for every player to exercise. When you make individual deals you need to be diplomatic. When you are communicating with members of other tribes you are technically a representative of your tribe and you need to be diplomatic. As a leader or diplomatic. I could talk about how to do this for eons but I have two rules for anyone who has stayed awake to read this far.

  1. Be careful not to agree to too much. People will always push for a hard alliance or something else. Don't do this with many people because it will both bring you into dumb conflicts that don't mean anything to you and it will also hamper where and how you can grow.

  2. Don't make enemies. Being arrogant or mean even when justified is incorrect. Enemies do not go away in this game and they are not necessary. Ask members of AoD who we are at war with. I had a good relationship with all of their leadership and many of their members. Just because we nuke each other and attempt to send each other to the rim doesn't mean we can't joke around and have a good time too. This game is about FUN, if it isn't fun get the heck off and go find a better distraction from life like yahtzee or paying your bills.

Being an Asset

When you join a tribe never make demands for leadership to do this or that and never ever ever demand a leadership position. Simply show that you are active and can be of use to the leader. Leaders are always looking for people to help them. If they trust you and can delegate to you effectively then you will find yourself with more rights than you want faster than you thought possible. If you disagree with something or see an issue don't complain, offer an alternative that makes sense. The other way to be an asset which is less time consuming is to be a beast of a player. If you have a 2K nuke 2 weeks into the world people will be impressed by your reports. The downside of this is its kind of like owning a truck in a college town, everyone is going to ask you to help them move (ask Warblade).



This I could truly harp on until my fingers bleed and I pass out from exhaustion. I will try to keep it shorter and simpler if not sweet. Being a leader on tribal wars is very hard. It saps your time, energy and joy of the game. This is even more true if you are leading for the wrong reasons. Leading takes intelligence, patients and a lot of passion for the game and your players. I personally have a conversation with EVERY recruit before I send them an invite. This is about developing the relationship. Many leaders don't see this as very necessary but that is because they don't understand what a leader is their to do. A leaders job is to provide a framework for success for every member of their tribe. A true leader does not recruit anyone worth investing in and does not give up easily on any of their investments. It is not about how many points you personally have on your account (all though this helps a lot with recruiting) it is about how many points and successes your players have. I get way more joy out of planning a successful op and reading my members reports than I do from crushing someone myself. I get more joy out of sending 15K defense to an isolated member in need and watching the enemy crush themselves than I do from being assured that my own villas are safe. Leadership is about sacrifice for your tribe and getting joy out of your tribes success.

If you are leading and are more worried about your point ranking than your tribes ppm then you are doing it completely wrong. While leading DCS I didn't have a single player leave my tribe to join another. This is because I provided them with organization, passion, strategy and a 'family' within the game. They knew our tribe was special and they knew that they were a valued member. I even told some members who were hopelessly isolated and out numbered to join other tribes and they refused me. This is not because I am awesome it is because I have taught my players how to love the game and love their tribe. I have shown them what they can do together and how they can have a ton of FUN. We are human beings, successful cooperation gives us joy. This is why sports are popular, why we have countries and why we developed language in the first place. We are driven to succeed together because it is more fun for us than succeeding alone.

To close I want to leave you all with a simple message. This game is about having FUN. If you are not having fun you either need to change the way you play or stop playing.

Much love,



Truly a great post. I have a big message for DCS in my top ten and you should give it a read when it comes out. I wish you the best of luck block, you were a great player and opponent. :)