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Tribal Wars 2 Team
Support acknowledges that we have recently acted in defense of the integrity of the game. That is our responsibility, and we take that responsibility seriously and professionally.

1) Much of this discussion violates forum rules. Disciplinary actions are not to be discussed, nor are individuals or groups within support to be directly attacked. Appropriate deletion of entries may occur. Further discussions in violation of forum rules will be removed, with appropriate forum sanctions of the individuals concerned.

2) I cannot speak directly about individuals who were or were not disciplined, nor why. I can and will state policies and the reasons for them.

3) Botting results in permanent removal from the world for a very very good reason: Botting provides permanent advantage to the cheater. Giving a player a short timeout, and then allowing them to continue to use that illegally gained advantage, is no punishment at all. It can be argued that such a policy would in fact be encouragement to cheat until caught, knowing there will be no effective sanction.

4) Our first sanction is a world removal. We do not take such action lightly, or without clear evidence. Accounts are welcome to create characters in other realms. Accounts caught cheating again will be banned from all current and future realms.

5) Support does not take sides. I will state that we have looked at all open realms, and all top tribes, very recently. (If you are cheating, and we missed you, please let us know.)

6) Support does not recognize any requirement to warn cheaters. We do, often, wish to change behavior with short bans. However, as stated above, botting is a different offense, that conveys permanent advantage, which is not amenable to short "warnings".

7) Support does not recognize any requirement to give away our detection methods to players hoping to reduce the likelihood of detection in the future.

8) If we find documented, organized cheating on a large scale, total account bans are still very much a possibility. Deliberate conspiracy to break the rules or to recruit new rule-breakers is beyond the pale, and will be sanctioned appropriately.

9) Support intends to consistently apply these standards into the future.

10) If any of the above requires any individual to change the way they play our game... that is on them, not on us.

Everything that needs to be said, has been said. There is no point in further discussion. This topic will be closed. Reopening this discussion will not be tolerated.

Support hopes you all continue to enjoy playing our game.
Not open for further replies.