Bugs in Overview Page

Great work on the overview page persistent state however there are a few things that don't work.
1. If you have the commands pane selected it will not open again in the commands page.
2. If you have multiple panes in a single page it does not remember the pane that was selected.
Example:in villages page I have pane 4 selected when I come back to overview villages pane, pane 1 is selected.

Feature Request. Please connect the 'next' village and 'prev' village arrow buttons to the order specified in the overview villages page.
No If the overview page has selected a particular display order for villages then the left and right buttons should follow the established sort order.

Here is a use case:

I want to examine my villages from lowest point village to highest point village. This is so I can assign new building tasks to villages that really need them. I set the order in the overview page then go from village to village assigning building tasks. Currently I have to go to the overview page select the next village in the sequence edit the village return to the over view page select a village edit it …. Not very efficient.