Cat got your tongue.......


I want to warn everyone that in Eremitage there is a beast lurking. He is very ferocious and tenacious. Once he sets his eyes upon you, it is too late! Most times he pounces and with one swipe of his paw you are rimmed. Other times he captures your province and plays with you like a ball of yarn, making you wish that he would just put you down. His prey is anything that moves. He scoffs at farville players and with a hiss they melt with fear and soon their villa is named after his kind. Seasoned players who are red are like cat nip to him, he is not happy until you are consumed by him.

My warning goes out to all. If you see him, run away!

Nobody wants to be taken out by a Cat.

I am talking about the Ferocious COKKY!!!!!! May your Meow strike fear in all the lands of Ermitage!!!!