Caught in the Act

Discussion in 'Kronborg (US11)' started by Jaded-One, Dec 12, 2015.

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    Not sure what barbs were nobled, but early on it could give you a strategic location near the edge of your province making moving to the next one easier. If you don't have an enemy near the border and are stuck in the middle of your province of course.
  3. Vanu

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    people still defending nobling barbs? its not that beneficial. Barb villages are crappy.

    Its like when people say its okay to spike barbs. No. its not okay, dont do it again. I will find you. I will hunt you. And take ALL of your cookies.
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    I dislike nobling barbs as much as the next person, however, I can understand where it comes in handy. Indirectly hurting another person/tribe by taking away a readily available resource(s), as in their source of free resources, can have some impact. And if they want to target said nobled village? Well, if it's well defended than they will lose out in the in. I think we all can see the benefits of nobling barbs, but many of us(myself included) just love to have a conflict with other players/tribes. The interaction between players/tribes who are at war is far more appealing than the lack thereof that comes with nobling a barb.

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