So we found out that world 12 is actually closed and although it means we can win it faster it does mean its going to get boring REAL quick.

Is there any particular reason world 12 has closed? how long do you guys think it will be until there is a winner? And is there any tribe that could be contender to be crowned winner? its 2 months in to the world, its come far.


The population is full so we can not allow the join feature at the moment, as the population drops it will be allowed again.


There's a lot of players that went inactive, and of course their villages are now barbs. Maybe we might get lucky. :)


Yea but convert to barb doesn't actually remove them from the world, just zero their account out.


Yes I know, what I meant was maybe we may get lucky and someone may realize this and actually work on fixing the count so that others that want to actually play can join the world. :p