Feisty 1

How is it possible for a 350 point player still under protection to conquer two barbs within a 24 hour period? Now I've been gone from the game for a while, but I don't see how this is possible.


Damn... Makes me wish I had gotten them. Instead I get stuck with 100 spearmen. Like really? What kind of prize is that??????????


Lol, THey're not getting passing grades in military school.


but to be honest why give nobles away on the prize wheel? yeah i bought mine but now we will have 500 extra players popping barbs because they want to expand instantly and then i will be forced to spend my nobles in anger against not a fan of this one tbh


I'm not a fan of 2 hours worth of a que time in 1 city as a reward. 100 spearmen will NEVER save my city.


The Veteran
The cost to make those 100 spears is extremely low. 10k wood can be farmed in 20 minutes round trip, even if the farming runs were bad ones. And I got spears a lot in the wheel, Gwenn never gives me anything good.


for me its deceivers, I never use them, but always win them.
I always use Deceivers, every attack I send is yeah if you see a 1 second Train heading your way please be kind enough to move all your troops out.......because its just deceivers muhahahaa (with discipline and lag its very unlikely I'll actually ever get a 1 second train, but here is hoping lol)


Office Space was a fantastic movie!
The wheel was mean to mean. Didn't get a whole lot useful compared to the other things you could win.