Congratulations Wolf Pack


A congratulations is in order to the winning tribe of Winterstein, Wolf Pack! Not only did the members of the tribe dominate the world to win but they also answered the call of our special challenge! Not once did Wolf Pack go over 65 members in their tribe. Quite the achievement.

Since the tribe followed the rules of the challenge it is my pleasure to announce that Wolf Pack has also won our Winterstein Special Challenge.

Along with the 200 crowns awarded to each member of the tribe for winning the world, you will each find an addition of 100 crowns, thus each member of Wolf Pack has been awarded 300 Crowns! Congratulations on an awesome job! Crowns have been rewarded!;)


This was an awesome world and awesome tribe!!! Wolf Pack kept it together for the win and there was No in tribe drama lol. The very best tribe i have had the pleasure of serving.
One sad note however, 15-20 WP members, all long time very good players, retired from TW2.


Three years later I come back to this thread. I will never forget fighting with these guys in the Wolf Pack. The best tribe mates one could ever have.