Crusaders (CRS)

If you had the option of picking anywhere on the map to spawn, where would it be?

  • The Core

  • 1-5 Prov from Core

  • 6-10 Prov from Core

  • 11-20 Prov from Core

  • 21-40 Prov from Core

  • 41+ Prov from Core

  • Off in a corner

  • Random

  • Candy Mountain, because I'm a magical pixie horse that loves frolicking in gumdrop pastures.

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Greetings, and welcome to my humble abode.

Name is as stated above.

Goals; We simply wish to be the best. We intend to remain on the leaderboards for as long as is humanly possible.

Membership; You Must Remain Active. Points are not a motivating factor, though they're nice. I, and we, are more concerned with bringing in members who'll contribute to the tribe, both in a Familial and a Tribal sense. We want to know we can count on you when the cards are down, and we want you to know the same. We've got members who've been around as long as TW has been out, and we've got members just jumping into the genre for the first time. All are welcome, assuming you've a desire to learn and offer your knowledge. If you are kicked for inactivity and wish to re-join, shoot me a message, and I'll make sure you're re-added. I understand that real life takes precedence over TW, and if something comes up, be it death, work, or whatever, feel free to shoot me a message saying simply "Hey, something's come up, I may or may not be on for X number of days", and we'll work something out.

Leadership; You won't have tasks on the daily or specific things you need to have done, except on rare occasions, I.E. war times. In such a case, it's expected that you listen to whomever has been designated to lead you and whomever else.

Diplomacy; We're open for negotiations. Please have any information ready at the time of your message, regarding alliances or enemies you may have, what mutual gain you perceive, and any past experience leading/playing TW, as well as if your tribe is new, or a recurring one across multiple worlds.

To apply for a position in Crusaders; Please shoot myself, or one of my Officers a message, detailing experience with TW (or the genre), what you believe you can bring to our Tribe/Family (be it a good sense of humor and being very active, or a ton of experience and good military know-how), and how active you are (Hours/Amount of Log-ins).

On behalf of myself and my Crusaders, we hope to see you ingame, and wish you the best with your endeavors.


You should have put "When would you prefer to start a world" for the options. Because the best times to start is roughly a week or two after the world is opened. Best positioning and room to grow and recruit! Tactics outside of the initial world start :p.