Crushem Updates


6/10/19 So for those who might care and even those who do not care The top 2 tribes are at war WIN vs CIA
Both sides have suffered heavy casualties. The NW however is now on lock down for CIA and with the continued defections that WIN is suffering with players migrating to LUK the SW is now a draw and the NE is in a heated battle. The SE is still firmly in the hands of WIN
This is going to be a fun world. Every one stay tuned


We had this thing is US7 I think it was where somebody would do Top 5 tribe weekly update, that sure was fun was read


will the biggest news is that the #1 player by certain metrics Generalmax has moved over to our tribe leaving his tribe in the hands of Biz. as for the positioning so far everything remains status quo. I am hoping to up my offensive bash a bit as some players have crawled to with in 10-20 k of me. really still a young world with no clear cut favorite having emerged yet. We of course know that XTI is uh hem active over here or at least his villages in the core are. Mudpuppy nice guy that he is is running the opposition hopefully with the same efficiency he did in M world. I will update you again tomorrow after the weekend dust has settled


6/17/2019 Update:
well everything is still fairly status quo. WIN players were able to guess correctly and stack a village I was looking to take in the SW core killing 22k ax 370 rams & 600+ ma and two nobles just from me . no major breaks on either side in what at the moment remains a slight edge for WIN over CIA
a special shout out to Dalex from team WIN as he remains just 15 k behind me in offensive bash


6/23/2019 Update .
The North West is still locked down for CIA and the South East similarly locked down for WIN . Win heavy hitters are closer to the core and accruing a lot of offensive bash. conquests are advantage CIA at this point and the over all terrain has changed very little and I would still call everything a draw. Of course the XTI account is nearing expiration as he has been absent for 21 of the 30 days allowed for co play to use it which will mean the loss of 4 key villages in the core for team WIN
If I were a betting man Id say this was almost a pure toss up still. Either way it has been entertaining and will not be a blow out like the last 2 worlds I have played . Still I'm not thrilled with the VP set up and will be strictly on dom worlds after this one


6/30/2019 Weekly Update
So there has been some movement and some shifts albeit the world remains close. The NW remains locked down for CIA except for a province or two infected by HYP or what we like to call at CIA expansion opportunities . The SE is rigidly in control of WIN at the core although thanks to Trenton seems to be having backfield issues now. The NW was a trade off . after a quick op CIA took a slight edge but thanks to some mega hits WIN gained most of the ground back. the SW at least at the core however is now advantage CIA although it's hardly a foregone conclusion
As for individual achievement s
I personally landed 3 nukes that scored 137 k obp 100 k obp and 90 k obp
Jdoughnuts from WIN however had a hit of over 200 k obp thanks to pulling off a chapel kill then nuke
As a side note WIN has now increased membership from 45 to 75 (couldn't resist becoming an mrt I guess), CIA has held steady at 65 players and HYP the 3rd place tribe has gone to tribe level 27 and has 100 players not sure why they lost their top obp guy to WIN. But hey there has to be useful idiot tribes on every server I guess.

Any comments and I will be glad to answer them . it remains quite a fun world
- Crushem

OBP standings

1-Jdoughnut = 724 k
2-crushem 632 k
3-Dalex13 403 k


On a side note . WIN leads with 4.9 million bash and CIA is 2nd with 4.2 million bash while HYP can not be taken seriously when 5 players individually have more OBP than all 100 players there combined as they sit with 360 Thousand offensive bash and 1.2 million defensive bash. WIN and CIA are in a draw at 1.8 million defensive bash each


Not sure why WIN merged in HYP. My experience with HYP is none of them have coops and they only make defense. Wonder if they are being used as the meat shields for original WIN members. Just a weird to see a good tribe merge in a joke of a tribe. Must be just for the VP.

After the merge WIN stands at 223 VP with 113 members and 515 villages and 1.44 Million points. Thats 4 villages per member and making them 12,819 PPM. They are sitting at 7.5 million Obash and 3.6 million Dbash.

CIA on the other hand merged in DOD and now sits at 202 VP with 95 members and 476 villages and 1.45 million points as well. Thats 5 villages per member and making them 15,295 PPM. They are sitting at 6.7 million Obash and 3.4 million Dbash.

Despite WIN with the number superiority, and village count, CIA is keeping up in both growth and points. Having a higher PPM and VPM is helping out in the long run. But we will see how this continues.


WIN Stats
VP: 319
Points: 2,053,196
Villages: 662
Members: 136
PPM: 15,413
Offensive Bashpoints: 10,536,468
Defensive Bashpoints: 5,280,250

With the almost-complete merger of HYP into WIN leaving only 35 HYP left in their "WIN 2" tribe, their VP have skyrocket as well as their village count. They have taken advantage of all the new fresh meat and used them as defensive meat shields to protect their front lines, which for the most part has worked quite well. They have been able to buy enough time to rebuild their offense and have started hitting back hard. But with the front line DT starting to break again, we will see how long this short term lead lasts. On the bright side for WIN, CIA is almost entirely kicked out of the SE and all they have to worry about is DIE down there. Once DIE is taken care of you can expect a larger and better push from the CIA-WIN front lines.

CIA Stats
Villages: 524
Members: 98
PPM: 18,319
Offensive Bashpoints: 8,130,992
Defensive Bashpoints: 4,468,488

CIA has recently run into a bunch of stone walls vs WIN thx to their merger and all that fresh DT. It hasn't stopped CIA but it has considerably slowed them down. CIA is almost all but kicked out of the SE and has decidedly officially taken over full control of the NW. The core fight is still very much heated and both sides are losing about equal amounts of villages and troops. Still has a long way to go to find out who comes out on top in the core. Some good news for CIA is that the SW crew is making incredible progress vs the spread out WIN there. That small pocket and the CIA above them are steadily growing closer and closer to each other thinning out the already thin WIN there. WIN is in trouble there if they wish to keep the SW under their control. While it is a complete war zone with nukes flying around every single hour, CIA is slowly gaining ground. Like I said earlier, CIA hasn't stopped growing, just making considerably smaller advances, but advances none the less.