Crushem Updates


@tricky trickster the thing is you actually dont need to, to get the required VP you only need roughly 1/4 of the map plus a few extra provs to get the W.
Just spam defence bunker down and push the VP up.

Speaking from experience ^


WIN Stats:
VP: 409 (+90)
Points: 3,044,555 (+991,359)
Villages: 834 (+172)
Members: 153 (+17)
PPM: 19,899 (+4,486)
Offensive Bashpoints: 15,316,788 (+4,780,320)
Defensive Bashpoints: 7,620,790 (+2,540,340)

This week has been a real good week for WIN, mostly. As you can see per the map, WIN has had some incredible gains against both CIA in the NE as well as the barbs on the entire East Coast. The Eastern RIM area has been getting munched down considerably. I blame DR LURDAN for this. CIA is breaking however in the NE and Dalex and his crew are reaping the benefits. WIN has also acquired 17 more members all accross their rim because the fight against CIA is such a close call there in the SE.....Wonder if they will just say F*** it lets do a 200 member tribe. On the flip side of things, WIN is about to lose the SW which in the past week has been under some brutal one sided battles. I myself for some reason became number one target down there, not sure why, and because of it doubled in size :). Thx. But in all seriousness, the SW for WIN is just as vulnerable as CIA's NE so if nothing happens soon, the SW will fall completely into CIA control which will push further into WIN back lines. I'd say if I were WIN i'd be hoping our NE makes more gains than our SW loses, which is gonna be an issue once NE runs out of easy targets to take. Also one thing to watch out for is the first time in several weeks, the core fight has started to make progress. CIA is up 3 conquests. Is this a sign that WIN's core is starting to break? Will find out next update. Stay Tuned!!

CIA Stats:
VP: 308 (+70)
Points: 2,310,448 (+515,205)
Villages: 622 (+98)
Members: 98 (-)
PPM: 23,536 (+5,217)
Offensive Bashpoints: 10,214,011 (+2,083,019)
Defensive Bashpoints: 6,545,715 (+2,077,227)

CIA has had an interesting week to say. They have continued to press forward in both the core and the SW. For the first time in a long long time villages were CQ in the core. While it may only be 3, it could mean there are more to be made. With the stalemate at risk of turning in favor of CIA, WIN is shoving thousands of more troops to their front lines. And many WIN death stars have been spotted in the mains of several players in the core. CIA has had the most notable progress tho in their SW. A whole slug of villages have been taken over and the once was island of CIA has grown considerably and finally forced their way and connected themselves to the mass of CIA. They are no longer an island, more like an appendage to the CIA controlled NW. This means the SW for CIA is looking really good and within a week might even be starting to reach the back end of WIN with little to no WIN left standing in the SW. As for the NE side of CIA, there has been little effect in the efforts to stop dalex and his crew. NE is at risk of getting over run, if you don't consider it over run already. Its so bad that mere 1k axes are still clearing CIA villages. CIA needs to boost the support in that region if they wish to protect their own back regions as well. Stay tuned next week to find out what happens next!



To the 3 that likely read these updates, sorry for the long pause. RL got real busy and I just haven't been motivated enough to stay up late enough and write a long speech haha. So without further.......

WIN Stats:
VP: 547 (+138)
Points: 4,653,115 (+1,608,558)
Villages: 1082 (+248)
Members: 157 (+4)
PPM: 29,638 (+9,739)
Offensive Bashpoints: 22,815,868 (+7,499,080)
Defensive Bashpoints: 11,548,611 (+3,927,821)

WIN has had an outstanding week and is likely going to achieve victory. Since this update is a lil overdue the amount of gains since last update is exponentially greater. Having taken 248 villages with only adding 4 members to their ranks, they have had some quality offensive CQs, hence the massive increase of bash. Where they had slightly looked like the core was going to CIA, it was only a tease as it then went completely the opposite direction real fast. WIN has done an outstanding job at destroying ever stacked CIA village in the North. While they did have to use quite a few more nukes than normal due to a wide scale operation from CIA to support the North, it was not nearly enough. And Dalex just kept rolling thru, even tho his nukes took a large hit. Give him 2 days and he will be back in business. On the flip side of things, There is just as much concern for WIN in the SW as there has been a huge push by CIA to clear every village and prep for mass nobling. Past 2 weeks has been a pound and pound type of offense by CIA. And players that were top dog in the area are now dog food to even bigger dogs. I think its safe to say at this point WIN has won the North but at the cost of the South. Here in 2 weeks the map will look very different. No longer CIA being in the NW but more so just simply SW and some NW. Basically East vs West scenario like every world. All in all it appears WIN is gaining a lot more than losing and their VP is now steadily growing. Having all them numbers greatly helped them out here in the end. Gonna give CIA another month max of survival unless something drastic happens like idk....mods cracking down on the amount of COOP abuse used over on the WIN side of things.....but I didn't say anything. They also stole 2 members from CIA, we finally found the spies and flushed em out.

CIA Stats:
VP: 347 (+39)
Points: 2,764,022 (+453,574)
Villages: 686 (+64)
Members: 96 (-2)
PPM: 28,792 (+5,256)
Offensive Bashpoints: 14,577,909 (+4,363,898)
Defensive Bashpoints: 11,278,934 (+4,733,219)

Depending on where you are at, you are thinking one of two things; "We are so doomed WIN is too hard" or "Hold my beer and watch this, cause this is too flipping easy". The north is completely in shambles and is basically damage control rn trying to minimize the losses we will take while the south is just throwing party after party. Prediction the majority of CIA might possibly quit once the north is completely wiped, leaving just the strong connected few in the SW to themselves. If things don't change and the trend continues, CIA will still be gaining villages but at an incredibly reduced rate and will eventually just be SW crew left. SW isn't looking to be in any danger any time soon, and even if dalex and his crew start on the SW, it might not be enough to slow their momentum down. Most of their obash is coming from the sw while the majority of their dbash is from the north. WIN has passed CIA in PPM finally and is not slowing down. CIA has recently decided to combat WIN by munching barbs in the back for VP so here in a week I expect a few hundred more VP. But is it enough to get ahead and stay ahead? Not likely. Time will tell. All in all CIA ain't looking too good. Core is falling and the North is completely gone. If something doesn't change, CIA is about to lose all fronts. Their best bet is to invest in the SW and just fall back to where they are strongest.