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(Image last updated: 8/18/15)

I know it's still pretty early for a top 10 map, but let's do a top 10 rating as that sounds fun!

Update: I am updating this weekly now and this original info is outdated some. Please refer to the newer reviews or look for an *Extinct or *Near Extinct to get a quick update on the originals who I reviewed.

Here is the list in no particular order!

Tribe #1: Everyone (WTF) *Now named Everyone is Exceptional
WTF is a tribe from US1, they are very skilled as a tribe as they have shown in US1 and they are pretty close and have a lot of bash even though they consist of only 30 or so members. I feel they will be a force to expect in the future.

Tribe #2: Angels of Death (AoD)
This tribe takes the cake when I say they will last long, the amount of Bash AoD has is insane for this young of a world. Not only that but they have a very strong seat in the core, I can say we should expect them to be a long time contender in this world.

Tribe #3: The Walking Dead (TWD)
I do not know much about this tribe other than they appeared suddenly, they do seem to have a pretty strong spot in the south and show potential to be a big player but since I do not know much and they appeared very suddenly I am going to say they are an MRT.

Tribe #4: The Phoenix Legion (TPL)
They have been around for a bit, but they have a lot of members but not the bash and points to make up for those members. I would say they are just an MRT and will likely exist till the situation in the core is over. I could be wrong, but that's the info I have at the moment and that's the best I can say.

Tribe #5: United Global Warriors (UGW) *Extinct
UGW is filled to the brim with TLI guys and gals, TLI has proven they are capable, but UGW came to this world with many enemies and a lot of disorganization, I will have to say it won't be long till UGW loses their place in the center, but who knows, maybe they will hold out or become a power at the rim only the future can tell.

Tribe #6: Omerta (Shh) *Extinct
Omerta a tribe from US1 also and is one of the largest contenders for dominating us1. They have been called an MRT by many, but in this world it does not seem they are being an MRT, but they do lack both in points and bash to say if they will be a power, all I can say is they seem not very organized in location and seem almost unable to support them self's, but we will see how they fair in the future.

Tribe #7: The Immortal Mercenaries (-$-)
Same as with TWD not much is known about them, they have an ok stand in the North-East, but their spacing is pretty large they have also shown some MRT styled recruitment, but they may be able to show their worth in the future, only time can tell.

Tribe #8: TimberWolves (TWS) *Extinct
TWS aligned themselves with UGW and seemed to have angered AoD, past that there PPM has been slacking along with their bash. TWS may be able to recover but with the size AoD has been getting and how there seems to be a rivalry between the two tribes all I can say is TWS may not be able to remain near the center for very long.

Tribe #9: Exceptional (DCS) *Merged into WTF
DCS seems to be showing a similar trend to WTF, I would have to say there a very skilled tribe considering there bash is very high for the 30 or so members they are rocking, past that they are also pretty close and seem very organized, I will have to say DCS is going to be doing well in the future.

Tribe #10: Order Of The Red Templars (ORT) *Nearing Extinction
ORT shows a lot of potential, past that they have a pretty good position in the west. I will have to say ORT is a very likely long time player in this world since it seems they are organized and have a pretty good spot.

This is merely a prediction and if you don't like it oh well. Also, if you want to give your own opinion on my predictions or give your own prediction feel free!

CURRENT TOP 10 (Points)


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After suggestions from jade, I have decided every Monday I will post a PnP of the world and update the map if positions change. Also, other inputs and opinions are welcome!

Edit: Since I'm pretty busy on Monday I have decided to change my update day to the weekend. Expect an update within those 3 days. :p
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Minrev said it best: "I didn't know one person joining a world could create this"

Mario said: "You're Welcome"

Only one side to be on the Angels of Death side.


: 7/17/15

Current Top 10 Review Update

Ok, since I said I would give a review weekly I decided to do one today since the weekend has hit and I am kinda in the mood. :p

Please keep in mind the tribes I include are tribes that show if ANYTHING has changed, if nothing has changed with stated tribe I will just state it.

Here is the review in the original order done in the first one!

Tribe #1: Everyone (WTF)
Not much has changed with WTF other than they have more points and have been hitting players.

Tribe #2: Angels of Death (AoD)
AoD STILL proving there number one in this world, grudge pokes went to pure constant bashing at TWS and UGW, at this rate AoD may be the powerfulest tribe the server will ever see.

Tribe #3: The Walking Dead (TWD)
Not that much growth in the past week, I am going to officially classify them as an MRT.

Tribe #4: The Phoenix Legion (TPL)
Still an MRT. :/

Tribe #5: United Global Warriors (UGW)
AoD has been beating up UGW for a while now and I don't think they are going to be in the center much longer, seems like Mama may not be cut out for this world. :p

Tribe #6: Omerta (Shh)
Nothing much has changed with Omerta besides losing some members.

Tribe #7: The Immortal Mercenaries (-$-)
They have not grown much, point wise, but their bash has increased some, I will still keep them ranked as an MRT due to how they have given EVERYBODY in their tribe recruiter.

Tribe #8: TimberWolves (TWS)
From what I can tell, TWS is falling apart, it seems DevilSeven has quit after losing one of his Villas. Gale does not seem he has grown a single point and overall most of TWS's powerhouses have been beaten down. Seems TWS is not long for this world and may not recover.

Tribe #9: Exceptional (DCS)
Same with DCS as it is with WTF nothing much different, but DCS has brought in a few more members into their ranks.

Tribe #10: Order Of The Red Templars (ORT)
ORT has risen up to the TOP 3 position and are creating a steady stream of bash for their size, they are doing well.

Here is this weeks review, everything has been pretty slow as AoD, WTF, DCS, and ORT continue to steam roll everybody, but who knows, maybe next week big things will happen. :p

Also I updated the OP to just in case ya did not know.
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So... you aren't gonna do well and disorganized?
Well...Deception is necessary! We are obvious underdogs , a true Rudy story. With a leader like me my boys will be happy to make it to week 8.

I should point out that our war with TWS is like 15 villages to 1 now...UGW has started to poke us with a stick, well see what happens there! Im amazed how we are doing since my members are basically clowns and im the driver of the car haha.


I'm not amazed, UGW and TWS are trash. Very few of them have proven otherwise. To those that have, i'm sorry you were on the other side. Would've made a good battle brother.


I'm not amazed, UGW and TWS are trash. Very few of them have proven otherwise. To those that have, i'm sorry you were on the other side. Would've made a good battle brother.
Not all the good players can be on your side. It would make for a boring world :p


I am kinda of hoping the other tribes get their acts together to make this more interesting. Stop mass recruiting and start screening your members. Kick your inactives they are dragging your ppm down. Stop nobling barbarian villages. Show us you have some guts to be proud of your Tribe. Prove to us you are more than fodder for our troops. Than maybe we can actually have some real bloodshed. :p