Current Top 10 Tribes


Interesting to read! As tw2-tools does not have functionality to monitor leaving players/joining players, latest village conquest etc. this is a nice way to collect information.

What would be a very nice addition is if you could add some numbers, some meat to your analysis. E.g. per each report add the number of points/villages, offensive/defensive bash, avg points, that sort of studd. Could give you an interesting overview on how every tribe is developing.

Keep up the good work!


I've been thinking it over and I've decided to continue to do this if people still want the updates. I plan to resume posting this coming weekend.


Sorry for the delay everybody, there has been an update in the forums that has disrupted my normal updating method. I am currently thinking of a better way to update as my old method no longer works. Please bare with me.

Sir Tibal

Good Commentary, I got a few laugh out of well as enjoyed the progress being tracked. +1


ID: 9/6/15

Decided to not give meaningless updates to tribes with no known events happening.
Decided to lower updates to be every other week besides in special occasions to keep information large and fresh.
Moved DCS up to the number 3 spot due to excessive amount of updates going on with them.


Current Top 10 Review Update

Here is this weeks review!

Please keep in mind the tribes I include are tribes that show if ANYTHING has changed, if nothing has changed with stated tribe I will just state it.

Here is the review in the original order done in the first one!

Tribe #1: Everyone (WTF)
WTF has been fighting for very long in this war, but its a losing war on there end. They may not be long for this world. Past that, there are rumors that Tanis has been banned due to his points and bash not moving. The fight has been tough for them esspecially with the constant attacks from AoD and there small size. I wait for more information to share on this matter.

Tribe #2: Angels of Death (AoD)
The temporary truce is over now and all out war continues with still no definite winner. The fighting has been hard, but it's also been fierce on all sides. DCS has been eating many barbs to try and get into AoD's core, but AoD has been doing a lot to keep them out. Stakes are high in this war as the winner will be the victor of the world.

Tribe #3: Exceptional (DCS)
With the continuation of the war DCS has restarted there hard attacks on AoD doing many tactics to try and break there core including a lot of barb munching to get churches landed. A dirty tactic, but very effective and valid. With DCS imploying this tactic it could leave to the complete eradication of barbs in the core due to DCS taking barbs to land churches and AoD taking barbs to land churches or keep churches out. The fighting still continues and if it ever ends the winner is likly to be the winner of the world. I wish the best of luck to both DCS and AoD as both tribes have shown that they know what there doing.

Tribe #4: The Walking Dead (TWD)
No new news.

Tribe #5: The Phoenix Legion (TPL)
No new news.

Tribe #6: Legion of The Walking Dead (LWD) *Wd2 changed name to name listed to the left.
Wd2 changed there name to the LWD.

Tribe #7: The Phoenix Legion (TPL) (TP2)
No new news.

Tribe #8: The Immortal Mercenaries (-$-)
No new news.

Tribe #9: Gladiators (GTS)
No new news.

Tribe #10: Order Of The Red Templars (ORT)
No new news.

Also, if you want to give me insight on whats going in your tribe and your a leader (or high ranking idividual) of said tribe on the above list. Then feel free to message me ingame, but please say clearly who you are and have the subject be appopriate. If the info you share is intresting or relivant to what I write about then it may be in the next top 10 review!

Also, I updated the OP just in case ya did not know!


#10 ORT ;)

They should try helping their tribemates out, see if that works :rolleyes:


I know that you had tech issues last week, but really enjoy following. Just curious as what you would had to say about us last week, as we were in the top 10 for a few days.
I really enjoy seeing your posts.



Guest I can go on for another few weeks :)

IYAAYAS, I have a strong feeling that you will make it back to the top ten and stay there.


Well I know that AOD has allies in the top ten tribes that are currently helping them with the war. I wish Ort would be more active. They have some awesome players and with their positioning, they could potentially rain hell on AoD from all sides. Mercs have some serious players where I am located and some really tight clusters of guys to the north east. I'd like them to stir up some trouble with another major tribe who isn't doing much either. I'm kinda disappointed that the number 2 and 3 tribes have had no news for over a month now. I know there are plenty of internal nobles that need to be taken care of and there are all the small tribes, but I'd like to see them make a major move in the world. I think Mercs vs TWD would be a great fight. Also from my point of view on the DCS and AOD war; I think this isn't going to end any time soon. It's been a fierce battle back and forth, with great timing on both sides.


Is that alliance even still functioning? Pretty sure it was just DCS trying to talk us all into turning on AOD so that they could get a breather.