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Who do you think is going to win the AoD/WTF war?

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With my long wait in creating a review and updating the maps I have decided to create a new thread and as you probably noticed in the title it says top 5 reviews, but before you think I mean top 5 based off of points. I mean the top 5 tribes of interest in the server. These reviews will only focus on maps and points and they will not be weekly but instead I will update when I am able to. I will post information and war stats on known on going wars. If ya want to share some info with me then send me a message in-game or on the forums. Either way most of the stuff posted here will be based off of my observations and remember, everything said here is my opinion and observation so if your upset with something I said then to bad get over it. :)

Now the post...

(Updated: 10/4/15)

Angels of Death (AoD)
AoD has been fighting for a long while with DCS and WTF, but with the forming of everyone is exceptional the fighting has returned to being brutal.

The Walking Dead (TWD)
TWD has gotten a lot of smack from me for the MRT styled moves in the past, but it seems they have moved away from this past and have organized them self's and removed most of there dead weight. I am interested in them, but there still untested so only the future can tell there ability's.

The Immortal Mercenaries (-$-)
-$- has mostly been quite but the same as TWD they seem organized and have removed a lot of there dead wait.

The Phoenix Legion (TPL)
TPL has survived for a while, but they seem to have done the same as TWD. Past that they do seem ambitious to grow and fight others so I am interested in there growth.

Everyone is Exceptional (WTF)
In the heat of the fighting it seems WTF and DCS has merged into each other. I find the reasoning for this was to help supplement each other with the many losses they have been experiencing due to the constant fighting with AoD. The fighting still continues with the center still split in half and I doubt the war is going to end any time soon. I give WTF props for maintaining this fight and they have earned my respect as a tribe. I wish them luck and can't wait to see the winner of this war!

Well this ends my top 5 review for this week. More updates to come in the future!

Also if you want to see my old post then go here!


No mention of AOD's sudden appearance in the south? Or the Mercs sudden disappearance from the south? Neither are related by the way.


They absorbed most of ZHA. Have to give it to them that it was an excellent move.


ZHA is a group of folks that quickly caught my attention. After very short talks it was clear that they embody the same characteristics of AoD just under a different name. Now they have the same name. Much easier to ensure victory with this group of fine players.

Ez Kallion

I expect to see some strong rim tribes with the core stalemated so long. A lot of times you see the 'experienced' core players expand out rather quickly into the more 'inexperienced' players who started a bit later. This scenario should see some balanced tribes late game as the core is busy with itself and this gives the other less elite tribes plenty of time to grow and get better. (I don't mean you have to be in the core to be experienced, its just typically more experienced players usually tend to start in the core. You can be on the edge of the rim and be a pro however noobs don't usually survive long in the core.)


not on this world, the inexperinced players are starting IN the core due to the incorrect number of villes in a province at game start


TPL is now #3 and I must say well deserved. Mercs and ORT are the beasts that just refuse to die, but they are slowly getting worn down.


I didn't know ort knew how to fight. Guess we learn something everyday.


Sorry deathcrystal we have never mass recruited, I guess you should do a little research m8 :rolleyes:

Truee you do learn something everyday eh mario :p