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Who do you think is going to win the AoD/WTF war?

  1. AoD

  2. WTF

  3. No one

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  1. Deathcrystal

    Deathcrystal Guest

    Every other day you have some other top 6- 20 tribe merging into you, thats called mass recruiting XD
  2. Rakkamar

    Rakkamar Guest

    Oh....that's us.... Although I don't chase away actives if they are ready to leave a sinking ship.
  3. Deathcrystal

    Deathcrystal Guest

    ORT is a sinking ship though....
  4. Rakkamar

    Rakkamar Guest

    ^^^^ a sinking ship that thought it was a submarine :) Although, I must say that we have gotten a few good players from them and Mercs.
  5. Iangame4

    Iangame4 Berserker

    May 15, 2015
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    I am no longer going to be updating this list anymore. I have decided to leave this world and plan not to return. Thank you to everybody who supported me and shared kind words and I hope to see you all in another world.

    Best of luck everyone!

    - Ian
  6. Deathcrystal

    Deathcrystal Guest

    Well with that and since I kinda enjoy watching this world, i shall do it :D

    So... every sunday or every other or whenever i feel like it comes a review :D
    Dc'S US7 Review Week 1Coming shortly...
  7. Deathcrystal

    Deathcrystal Guest

    1st TWD: 168 members, 27M pts, 32M Obpts Tribe level 21
    Well TWD gained first for a little while, AoD and them flip flop, first thing i noticed, 200 member cap, need it with 168 members of course, but do they need 168 members? TWD is friends with both sides of the Central AoD/WTFCS conflict
    Region of Control: Most The South

    2nd AoD: 159 Members, 27M pts, 54M OBPTs Tribe Level 23
    Highest tribe level, bpts, obpts, and ppm. AoD started as a power and is staying as a power for a while. First tribe to unlock tier 2 (good effects). Their conflict with WTFCS is gonna define this world entirely.
    Region of Control: West Core, Central South Rim

    3rd ORT: 122 Members, 16M pts, 16M OBPTS, Tribe Level 17
    ORT's orginal founder is gone, most their original leadership left. They are the oldest tribe with the fewest cities in the core, and yet they still manage to grow mainly due to die hard MRT policies, they merge with new tribes almost weekly. Every push against them however was meet with lost of their cities.
    Region of Control: West Rim

    4th TPL: 146 Members, 15M pts, 12M OBPTS, tribe level 16
    200 members again. TPL doesn't recruit heavily anymore, but like some tribes, is just there. They do have some battles with WTFCS. What will become of this tribe? I dunno.
    Region of Control: No well defined area of control

    5th: -$-: 111 members, 22M pts, 16M OBPTS, tribe level 13
    ABANDON SHIP! They are NOT gonna be here next week. or the week after or whatever the heck i feel like doing this again, probably not even tomorrow. Mercs is sinking with 50% activity rates and members leaving for even ORT. Byeeee
    Region of Control: East Core that WTFCS doesnt control.

    Was gonna do WTFCS too, but realized that can wait till the next time i do this.
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  8. Rakkamar

    Rakkamar Guest

    Ian, sorry to see you go. DC, thanks for picking it up on this Realm!

    168 members.....We still got some room :)
  9. Northstorm

    Northstorm Guest

    I Will start jonesing if I dont get an update.. Thanks for your time though :)
  10. Sir Tibal

    Sir Tibal Guest

    "TWD controls mostly the south" How many cities do I have to take to get noticed for the update *insert evil grin here* oh yeah and I'm waiting for the next update everything has been great so far!
  11. Deathcrystal

    Deathcrystal Guest

    Atleast one more
  12. Sir Tibal

    Sir Tibal Guest

    I knew I was close
  13. Deathcrystal

    Deathcrystal Guest

    Top 5 11/8

    Let's see no major/shocking changes...
    1st TWD: 167 members, 35M pts, 41M Obpts Tribe level 23
    TWD is same as last week, still rank 1, a bit of OBPTs jump for bashing on TPL, this a zombie herd here.
    Region of Control: Most The South

    2nd AoD: 131 Members, 31M pts, 66M OBPTs Tribe Level 26
    Still highest in alot of things, still at war with WTFCS, most dead troops in this world has a Angel's name tied to one side or another.
    Region of Control: West Core, Central South Rim

    3rd ORT: 122 Members, 21M pts, 24M OBPTS, Tribe Level 19
    Dunno how much it amazes me they are still around. Hopefully the tribes they ate will make them good, seeing as almost all the original ORT members are gone, well atleast their original cities. P.S. We see your sister there, Mercs at least tired to hide it xD
    Region of Control: West Rim

    4th TPL: 130 Members, 18M pts, 18M OBPTS, tribe level 17
    Could fold next week, could withstand the attacks and arise from the ashes, dunno let's see.
    Region of Control: East Rimish?

    5th: WTFCS
    WTF: 66 Members, 14M pts, 25M OBPTs, Tribe level 21
    DCS: 14 Members, 3M pts, 9M OBPTS, Tribe level 6​
    Welcome the WTF part of the WTFCS alliance to the top 5, bye mercs yall dead anyway, more zeroes in there than my bank account. if anyone is wondering why I point them both, it cuz DCS is a large part of WTF's punches. Why both exists? Coplay, they cant move the inactives they running by coop to WTF, you know that, i know that, we all know that. WTF is one of the two powers in this world between AoD and themselves. The core is split right down the middle with these two.
    Region of Control: East Core.
  14. Northstorm

    Northstorm Guest

    Nice we're in the Top 5 :)
  15. Rakkamar

    Rakkamar Guest

    North, I look forward to you moving up to bump TPL. With recent developments it looks like it will happen sooner than later.
  16. Trimaax

    Trimaax Swordsman

    Mar 2, 2015
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    must be one of the best worlds to play :mad: looks it anyway espically when 2 tribes are fighting each other in the core! That means that all the rim tribes will get stronger as the core players are not extending out because theree is no certain winner at core yet :eek: be interesting who wins this world. I like watching more then playing.. play Tw1 more probs still
  17. Rakkamar

    Rakkamar Guest

    This has been and continues to be an awesome world to play in. Yeah, the core is split almost straight down the middle and that has added to the intrigue of this realm greatly.
  18. Rakkamar

    Rakkamar Guest

    Everyone has gotten soooo quiet......
  19. Sir Tibal

    Sir Tibal Guest

    Updated map.. and its technically top 6 tribes with some duel tribes like WTF/DCS and IM/K0H.. Top 5 leaves out K0H and IM which still control a lot of the North.

  20. Rakkamar

    Rakkamar Guest

    Thanks Tibal! Yeah, Mercs do need to just be finished off. Those few little red dots in the South need to go :) Also, I see we still have a slight Ort and TPL blob in that Southern pocket that also needs to be worked on. AOD seems to be making some good progress in the North and West. WTF picked up a bunch in the South with the ZHA break up from AOD.

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