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TOP 10 TRIBES Week 5 6: Sorry for the delay

Unpaid blogger harassed for not posting weekly on dead forums
“Who’s going to give me 5 minutes of entertainment now?” cried Steel Tempest

Game devs kill messenger
“Community and communication are the most important parts of the game. That’s why we decided to make it 10x more difficult with our latest update!” -Devs
Seriously, why won't you just let our game die? -also devs

On the real…
I wanted to take a moment to talk about recent game updates and events. The game devs are completely ruining the game by allowing chat bugs and village/player/tribe linking bugs to persist. This game is about communication, and right now, it has become extremely difficult to do even the most basic tasks. They ruined the ability to copy+paste quotes/ops into different messages. In a game that revolves around communication, this is unacceptable.

These bugs were reported over 2 weeks ago, and should have been solved already. But what did we get instead? Another month of Gwyn’s games, which has been hated by the community. Absolutely greedy play on the part of InnoGames. If I was on the moderation/dev team, I would be embarrassed.

Tips & Tricks:
This is going to be a new section rolling out next week, giving new players some tips on things like spies, how to build a village, and other topics. I’d love to get some feedback and ideas from the community.



1) NIB
Would you be surprised if I told you that NIB was rank 1 again this week? Absolutely killin’ on all fields. Offense. Defense. Even diplomacy. NIB has some really good tribal systems in place. They grabbed most of the best players from HIT, and have officially reached the western rim. They’re also clobbering LIT on the southeastern front. I honestly don’t see them losing the world at this point, unless something drastic happens.

2) Elite Reborn
Technically the rank 2 tribe, they have suffered some massive losses on their western and southern fronts. While they still have larger numbers, statistics are showing that LIT is on the back foot, at least on the southeastern front. It’s a shame they were unable to grab HIT’s players and shows they have a lack of diplomacy.

3) Umbra Noctis:
Officially rank 3 now! Congrats to Umbra on climbing the ranks. They’ve had a good showing the past 2 weeks, showing 100% weekly growth in all of the important stats that a healthy tribe wants to see. They have locked down the Northwest and have all but cleared out all of their threats, except for a few LIT and CRI/BLK villages. I’m curious to see what their next move will be.

4) islander
islander has been knocked down to the rank 4 spot this week, as other tribes have been stepping up their game. ISL actually had a decent 2 weeks of growth, all things considering. However, I don’t think it will be anywhere near enough to compete with U*N or NIB. They are trying to fill out their provinces to the East, and have seen some pretty dramatic growth to the south. They may have some strengths in diplomacy, but their coordination and player activity across the board seem to be lacking.

I’ve had quite a few run ins with these tough bastards, recently. While they may be playing casually, their players are quite experienced and active. They’ve had fantastic growth across the board. Since they have a NAP with NIB, their only next available spot to grow is through ISL and TSB. If they’re able to conquer those villages, they’ll officially be out of room to grow.

6) Black Sails (formerly known as Gods of Justice, formerly known as Gods and Monsters)
Well, as I predicted, BLK made the mistake of caving into NIBs threats about having too many members, and now they are down to 50, from their original 69. Absolutely terrible game call on their leadership’s part, this tribe may as well be irrelevant.

7) Crimson Sails
Same as above

8) The Hit Squad
It’s sad to see these guys go. Unfortunately, HIT has been dismembered, and their good players have been grabbed by NIB and UN. This tribe is on the way out.

9) Atlantis
Good god, just let this tribe die already. I’m happy to report they have lost 21 villages and seen ZERO obash points in the past 4 weeks…

10) The Speared Boar
Still in the top 10 tribes, but unfortunately there isn’t much to say about TSB. +37k dbash and +24k obash growth this week.


1) NIB
2) Umbra Noctis
3) islander
4) Elite Reborn
5) Casuals
6) Black Sails
7) Crimson Sails
8) The Hit Squad
9) The Speared Boar
10) Atlantis
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Much less bias report.. and to top it off we officially have just 1 nap with casuals and that might be over this week. Tune in next week to find out (this is what you call a tease in the business)


so whens the next update im curious whats going on since UN seems to have merged into ISL. im on G world now so my only updates are from tw2tools. which we all know is bogus.


DaBahamaLlama is a lazy good for nothing bum. He took all our likes and ran off. He aint coming back.


A lot has changed in the past 1-2 weeks, a new update would be cool


I think lama is gone, I would be really surprised if he would update a thread on a world he is no longer playing.


hey wanted you to know we are following NIBs direction on G world . VP world and all but we will not go over 40 players there either . death to MRTs
so? um what happened to doing this last i checked you're at 54 players. Practice what you preach brother.


So anyone whose still on F world wanna explain whats happening exactly?


NIB is still dominating eating more and more every day we are not quite in the position to start thinking about domination but its looking more and more like it will be soon. We are at about 40% of the top ten

ISL they have taken a page from rips book and nearly maxed out the CC on tribe levels. 46... So if anything they have greatly contributed to the light and power bill at inno inc... It is just slowing there losses due to the iron walls and better speed on support. They are the second best tribe on the server though for sure some strong players just not quite enough of them and to much fluff. about 31% of the top 10 villages but nearly 2x the players as the lead tribe

LIT 4-5 strong defensive players but way to much fluff that barely plays anymore they had a huge soft area and everyone got bored and quit i think. Losing ground daily to players leaving for isl or other servers but they are ally of isl. 17% of the top 10

no other tribes are worthy of recognition at this time it would only hurt them by calling them out.


Okay, this is your last warning management have fun of the NIB potatoes again and they'll be consequences. You dont want to piss me off.