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Please enjoy this pic of your mounted archers just slamming the enemy infantry like no other that
is how the game is right now.


“Discipline is the soul of an Army. It makes small numbers formidable; procures success to all of the weak, and esteem to all.” – George Washington

Welcome back to the next edition of Deva Dash! Worlds take super long so I'm going to do biweekly posts while its still early and probably go every month afterwards. As expected the veteran filled world was extremely fast paced with lots of twists and turns but nothing far from expected! Biggest twist is for Random to come out of nowhere and land straight in fourth place in points like hot damn. Going to do player shout outs as well because I'm paying attention to you guys just know that! LETS GET TO IT!


LIT currently leading the world 561,902 Points
JPC is at second with 324,204 Points
X11 at third with 266,764 Points
RND in fourth place 135,726 Points
G-K at fifth with 100,068 Points

LET ME JUST SAY HOLY CANOLI TO THAT TRIBE LEVEL OF 41 in Random??!?!?! MUST BE NICE! Must be painful in the wallet too but damn let them know how much you want to win this world. The good old HUG tribe starting fresh in Deva as random these guys are out to get someone. I mean come on, that tribe level cannot and will not go to waste. Anyways concerning tribe ranking man with 250k points in the lead LIT is just wrecking the game. Points however don't win wars so we'll see how it goes!


1 - JPC 1,518,429
2 - LIT 1,350,642
3 - X11 528,431
4 - RND 391,166
5 - T_V 202,542

OBP to me really shows who has been doing the work and who hasn't. I mean everyone knows numbers don't lie. JPC has been doing work since base protection ended and continues to just hit everybody around. MY GOD THAT IS JUST SCARY. If you are around any JPC members beware, you are their next farm. LIT is in second though not letting down either and doing some mad damage too. Maybe it's the cause of T_V just breaking down. It looked like they were doing great in the beginning just like T-P but man they are just slowly disappearing off the map. Also this might have happened due to the fact that their members were so spread out, they probably got picked off one by one. This leads right in to the new tribe map! Cue DRUM ROLL!!! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


JPC is doing an amazing job so far retaining the core. What did I tell you about that early cluster huh? Makes it easier to support and defend each other. LIT having a big sphere of influence so far having large control over the right hemisphere as well as dominance around the core. Random looking real random on the map too hahaha so I'm not quite sure how well they will do. Going to guess they'll merge with someone but I'm not sure if they are willing to but that would be their best with the current state of their tribes positioning. G-k has that southeast stronghold and doing pretty well keeping clustered as well but I'm not sure how they will play out as well. Last not but not least X11 holding on to that cluster just like JPC nice and strong. They may not have player numbers but their offensive stats and points do all the talking. Something really interesting to note is JPC has clusters in the rim and that is quite dangerous. They don't have anything to watch out for and can just grow although the little cluster in the North east made me giggle a little bit since they are so far out.


Cokky wtf man, who is your punching bag? #1 with 187,735 points in offensive bash points
Cokky again #1 in defensive bash points 91,591 pt. HOW MANY TROOPS YOU GOT?

HakiTaki, Choquella and Empoe all pretty much tied with 3.7k+ average village points.
(lend me a villa plz)

Zeshinosa, holy canoli you restarted in the rim yet you're still ranked 17 owning 6 villas
(um talk about bouncing back)

xSKULLKIDx ranked 5 out of nowhere in player ranking.
(you've got that lightning speed growth friend)

Restinpieces king of conquest at 8 villages right now poor neighbors.
(all hail the HUG king)

HUGE SHOUT TO ANYONE READING ALSO THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT AND MAY YOU CONQUER MORE PEOPLE! Please share if you liked this newsletter. Share also if you disliked this newsletter. Would love to have your feedback as well as anything you would like added to to the newsletters. Now go and spread forth the damage and destruction. Or you can city build and munch barbs. Play style is all up to you ;P



Elite did a good job with the recruiting. Eleven is shooting himself in the foot with that alliance with Elite. JPC is in a dire spot in the core.

Nice article


xSKULLKIDx ranked 5 out of nowhere in player ranking.
(you've got that lightning speed growth friend)

Got the spank down though when he met our squad. So he will need to reload a bit now. Good player though no doubt.


Happy you guys even read my articles, too many either inactives or not many people even know about forums!


lol to be honest, you missed couple of important information here... I will give you some credit for doing all this, and thanks.
LIT might have bigger cover in the map, but you missed the info that they have been merging with couple of tribe to get bigger. While JPC is eating village one after another.
Date: 03/16/18
LIT 1,455,188 with 158 players
JPC 1,606,207 with 77 playeres
X11 658,938 with 52 players
RND 435,965 with 47 players
G-K 154,648 with 41 players
T_V 204,669 with 48 players

OBP per players (OBP/number of player)
LIT 9,210
JPC 20,859
X11 12,671
RND 9,275
G-K 3,771
T_V 4,263

Base on this, LIT is ranked 4.


figures lie and liars figure. In this case that shows a clearer picture of how things are goin. It just is not the standard measurement though more of a good predictor of the future.


Thanks again for the feedback! And thanks ganzonx! I will try to include predicting statistics as soon as this world hits middle phase which is when players get upwards of 30-40 villages, although yes early numbers are a good sign of how well a tribe is doing. Keep in mind though that growing points is a factor in troop count and build, and that OBP will change depending on the success/failure of players. More Villages/Points acquired with less OBP could mean path of least resistance. My style towards bashing endlessly has changed because if you think about it in context of path of least resistance, you're playing towards efficiency. Even though that is just my preferred play style, bashing sure is way more fun. I have a good feeling JPC will keep retaining the core through mid game though, really well played so far despite inactives and internals, the communication seems top notch. Hope to play with some of you in future worlds.


Feel free to write your own article ganzonx if you feel he missed something. Multiple writers for the same paper can get totally different articles after all :p. Saw it all time in game I played call Eve Online, was interesting to see the different articles from people on the same battles just because they were affiliate with different alliances :D always fun to see different perspectives.