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I would definitely like to credit an awesome player in TW2 named Taervan for posting the coolest newsletter in the forums, I'm referring to the Juval Hooplahs back in world 10. Since the forums are dead thought I might add something to make it more interesting!

The player base of this world is rather small which is a little over 1700 I believe, but man the village growth of players is quicker than what I've seen in previous worlds. Looking like a face off of the veterans in a speed game to the top! Its awesome to see lots of familiar names and old winners from almost every winning tribe most of which from Rest in Pieces, Mafia, Elite, The Vigilant, Wolf Pack. It's only been a few days since base protection dropped and there has been a lot of action on the frontier from what I've seen!

Lets look at the top 5 tribes in this world so far! (It's usually top ten but this world is so damn small)

JPC - Just plain crazy is quite the culmination of veterans (which have won multiple times) and highly active players, that roster is just to be reckoned with. They're for sure gonna stay a while. Definitely on the crazy side of things, which in turn really shines with their aggression in game.

Elite - Really does mean Elite! These guys are no one to mess with as well. Have already won multiple worlds as well and current leader of B world. Won 2 about to be 3, this tribe is one to watch out for sure. Could Deva be number 4?

X11 - I have not much of a clue about these guys are but they scare me. First four days as I watch the leader boards I only saw JPC and Elite and out of nowhere boom, X11 are some of the leading players of the world. They may be a smaller tribe but they've got their fair share of experience and totally surprised me.

USA - Another tribe whose name everyone recognizes. Not as many higher ranking vets but vets nonetheless. They cannot be discounted and are still quickly growing. There is no telling what will happen and how this tribe will move forward at the moment but we'll soon figure out!

T_V - The vigilant. Yes they may be the underdog in points and ranking right now but don't let that fool you. These guys have won a world too. Some of their players have the highest points and OBP in their previous worlds so be careful in testing their waters!

Honorable mentions:
Both The Pride and Gods of Wisdom contain people I have played against and are quite the opponents to face, just because they're not in top 5 doesn't mean they won't be in the picture. Although they haven't shown to be dominant yet in the early game, maybe we just haven't awoken the beast yet.


From what it looks like there's two distinguishable fronts at the moment which are the one between X11 and JPC, and the other being between JPC and LIT. Luckily for Elite it seems they are clustered in the south east half of the map but they are definitely more spread out, but man that X11 and JPC cluster must work wonders for supporting each other! Damn good advantage right there! Unfortunately for T_V and USA they are a little too spread out but its only week two so a lot will change once conquest comes into play. T_V though you can never discount despite already winning a world and being leaders in most that they're in. I believe USA is doing well as well as a tribe in the more recent previous worlds.

Offensive Bash Points!

Antje from Elite at the top with 30.9k OBP
Cokky from JPC coming a close second with 28.6k OBP
Kashim from X11 being 2nd runner up at 20.8k OBP

and the rest of top 10 follows as:

Enan JPC 20.1k OBP
Diesel D34 JPC 19.7k OBP
Eijefe JPC 18.4k OBP
Cole1207 JPC 14.1k OBP
Zeshinosa JPC 12.2k OBP
Thelefty LIT 10.8k OBP
Lennyg LIT 9.9k OBP (Yours truly sadly in last place)

Just looking at those numbers JPC is doing a hell of a job being extremely aggressive attacking. Poor targets getting bashed by the relentless nukes of the vets. Elites got some work cut out for them but they are in a close second. Let's also not forget X11 who are competing despite their lower member numbers comparatively to the top 2 tribes but happen to be winning in individual point rankings! USA and T_V I have yet to hear from or see more activity but they seem to be chilling waiting for the top 3 tribes to just hash it all out as they pool resources and city build. Will the extremely aggressive top 3 tribes duke it out? Only one dominant tribe can remain but who will it be? Too soon to tell so tune in for the next one!

Closing statements

GOOD LUCK TO ALL THE VETS AND GREATER LUCK TO THE NEWBIES! I'll try to update as soon as the first set of conquests in 2 weeks. Let me know what kind of information you would like added on here as well as any constructive feedback would be great! Hope you guys enjoyed the rather short newsletter but hopefully I can interview some of the council leaders of the top 5 and see what they have to say about the world! Credits to Tw2 tools for the map, its a useful little tool for those who haven't found out about it yet. Also if you have the time good research on your enemies ;)


I dont know lol but look at the 1 x11 member wayyyy down in the SE lol poor dude