Did not get a reroll from resource deposit after using item

Discussion in 'Browser Issue Archive' started by Drayke, Feb 10, 2015.

  1. Drayke

    Drayke Guest

    On world Drachenfels I used one of my free reroll items for the resource deposit. The game took my item (i originally had 2 not only 1) but did not give me any new errands at the resource deposit.
  2. earthshaker

    earthshaker Guest

    from what i can tell it doesnt give you new errands to do if you have already done all your errands i think its more like if you have errands already that are all 1 star and you want a chance at better stars or if all the resources they offer are not the ones you want you can "reroll" your current errands to try and get something different or better
  3. Drayke

    Drayke Guest

    It looks like that is what it is supposed to do. I used 2 re-rolls I had (to test this), but I got the same resources both times. either way it's broken.

    YOUNG WOLF Guest

    Hi Drayke,

    The development team is currently aware of the issue with re-rolls and is working on a fix. When it's good to go, we'll be sure to relay the message.

    Thank you for your patience. To compensate for your re-rolls, we've added 25 crowns to your account. Keep an eye out for updates!



    YOUNG WOLF Guest


    I credited you an additional 25 crowns to compensate for the difference (I initially added the incorrect total). Apologies for the inconvenience.


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