Different Worlds


I think that the server should make a world that separates the coiners from the people who don't spend a crap tom of money of the game. The coiners are the people who take all the fun out of the game, uhhh, no offense coiners.


Mounted Archer
This has been suggested a lot, the main issue is the fact that coining is where the company gets their money, and if they made a world without coining, they would make no money from that.


There would still be the other worlds. It would just be a regular world where coiners are not allowed. The other worlds would be where they are at, and it wouldn't be several realms in a row, just one "extra" realm every once in a while.


I agree with Elements in the sense that it would be truly interesting to play a world with no coins or a cap of say $20. Obviously this approach doesn't align with the business model, but no Gwens, no coins, just skill, activity and strategic approach to the game would rule out. I would 100% be interested in that type of competition, though I suspect many would shy away from that type of competition.

Hell, I would even possibly play a $20 buy-in game, here are your fixed amount of starting crowns, everyone has the same capped amount so use them wisely and efficiently and then everyone just goes at it with a 100% level playing field.