Does InnoGames need more donations for their potato servers?


Every day the lag gets worse instead of better. It's getting near impossible to play on multiple worlds or co-op. This game is getting to the point where the lag is more un-enjoyable than the game is enjoyable.


IF everything shows as no issues then you need to fix whatever it is you are using to monitor this because there are major issues with lag on every server that I have seen.
I didn't say we aren't aware of it, i'm just saying the process that was done so you can understand the replies that were sent out.
As a player, I was just as frustrated as you were/are. :p

Dick Roman

Is there an ETA for fixing this problem? I've played several worlds in last few years and this is the worst its been. I can't even switch between villages without it taking 5 mins to load, its making this game unenjoyable and impossible to play.


I've never used an internet-based service that took MONTHS to figure out why their service doesn't work. The servers are, if anything, getting worse.


I think LQ has the right to demand better servers, they have spent a lot of money on cheating after all
you dont spend money on cheating, they just spent a lot of money. i offer no comment on the cheating cause i miss the unsalted forums :(


Lol. Yep. Had plenty of the same issues. Although the lag issue does seem to be better for now, still not great, but better. Let's hope we keep seeing improvement.


Although yea on timing in general it would be nice if your attacks actually went out the same second you launched but yea I realize that's largely discipline as well. Still when the attack button completely freezes you know you're really screwed. (happened to me once a while back on a key attack).