Competition Don't Forget The Fathers!


Tribal Wars 2 Team

Father's Day Celebration!
Greetings, Tribal Warriors!

Tomorrow is Father's Day, and we want to celebrate the efforts of Fathers of all types. From today, June 15th until Wednesday, June 19 at midnight server time, you may enter our latest competition, showing something related to Father's Day.

This is an open ended competition. You may post a story, meme, artwork, Father's Day card or photographs, or any other form of entry that is visible in the forum. The celebrations can be from your real life or entirely fictional. (If fictional, please try to keep the subject related to the game.) Tug our heart-strings, or make us laugh!


Acceptable entries might include the following:
  • A real life picture of your actual Father's Day celebration
  • A meme about a spearman at the front, wishing his Father a happy day
  • A story about Paul the Paladin's father, being heroic in the defense of his family and village
  • A scan of the Father's Day card you received, or sent
  1. Be creative, especially if you are entering a fictional celebration!
  2. Be appropriate! This is a celebration of Fathers, not a chance to bash an opponent or be rude.
  3. ONE ENTRY PER PLAYER! Please do not create more than one! Additional entries will not count towards competition. You may delete messages and add another, but no more than one entry per player. Having two active entries will disqualify all of that player's entries.
  4. Entries that are merely reposts of existing memes or images from the Internet will be disqualified.
  5. We reserve the right to disqualify "no effort" entries. Put some work in!
  6. The top three and overall winner will be selected by members of the Tribal Wars 2 staff
  7. Contest starts immediately, and ends at midnight server time on Wednesday, June 19.
  8. Winners will be announced and prizes awarded on or before Friday, June 21.
  • Every entry will receive 25 crowns just for participating.
  • 500 crowns 1st place, 200 crowns for the two runners-up


RIP to my family. Both of my parents have long since passed away. My celebration of their life during these holidays is getting together with my brother and retelling stories of what our parents meant to us . Even though my father has passed 15 years ago I still hold the lessons he taught me close to my heart. I strive to be a better person because I know that he watches over me. I will take this time to simply say to every one out there whose father is still alive you should do everything in your power to enjoy the time together as a family. To my dad Salvatore A Callegari I know you can hear me in my prayers . I will always love you. This may not be what you are looking for in a contest but it is a story that I share with the community.


Tribal Wars 2 Team
so fathers are not worth as much as mothers. mother's day got 50 crowns for entering
I have been a father for over 30 years. I can guarantee that Father's generally get less attention on their day, than Mothers. (LOL)

More seriously, we think this contest is less effort. It can be entered with a simple textual story, for example. We try to scale the prizes to the effort required.


Hello all. I would like to first say Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers out there. 3 kids myself.
A RL story about my kids. I have 2 boys and a girl. all are 17 and older. We have an ongoing joke about none being mine though, I have said for years that my oldest sons dad is the mail daughter belongs to the mail lady and my youngest the boy the bread man. If asked ( in the company of my wife) they still will answer as those being there daddy. But like every Fathers Day i always get a Happy Fathers Day from each of them and a day where i have to do nothing but relax.


The evening sun was on the way down, the troops of Black Temple finished their training for the day, the soldiers were worn out after a hard day reforming their tactics. The evening beers were being served in the tavern as they were served every normal day. Paul sensed differently, Paul who was an old paladin of the village that had asserted himself as a legend among the town folk. He was standing on the wall this evening, he watched a folk walk into the village that day and out later that night, townsfolk did not take kindly to this man as they were concerned he was a spy. The village had not seen an attack in months, but Paul took his assertion to prepare for the worst. It was later that night just 3 hours later when they first spotted the inbound troops, Paul gave a speech to the troops that was expected from him, Paul always spoke of how sometimes death was worth protection the values of the village, this day was no different. The battle was bloody, thousands of troops fell within hours, the rams were at the walls, the troops fell back to hold the gate. Paul took one last moment with his son, Paul spoke words of wisdom to his son that was never revealed, but what is known is that Paul gave his son Arthas his hammer Light's Vengeance. The wall broke soon after and Paul charged in with his fellow soldiers. That was the last that Paul was seen, the village survived the attack, but Paul didn't survive. He died with the other soldiers that rushed to save the gate. The village did not forget of Paul's words that he spoke before every battle, they still echo through his son Luke and the troops that currently reside within Black Temple.
My dad is my superhero. He is the one who gave me my nerd genes. He taught me how to use a hammer and screwdriver. He also toughs me how to be a strong woman and believing in myself.

We celebrated the father's day by going to a game museum and playing fun nostalgic games for both generations. Guess who won?


Tribal Wars 2 Team
I think we were all hungry when we were voting. Darklore's lovingly prepared French Toast came in first place! Congrats! Runners-up were both thankful to our favorite paladin, with phatbearmlg providing an epic tale, and Death and Taxes' meme.

Prizes were rewarded as follows: (listed in order of entry)
crushemtodust, 25 crowns
battlegod, 25 crowns
whiteknight420, 25 crowns
darklore, 500 crowns (1st place)
phatbearmlg, 200 crowns (runner-up)
vnatassa, 25 crowns
queen lily applesour, 25 crowns
death and taxes, 200 crowns (runner-up)
Dancin Ted Danson, 25 crowns
jason the argonaut, 25 crowns
calamity jane, 25 crowns

Well done, all of you!