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    In reality, we tell our members not to munch barbs as we invade by taking barbs, its a silly double standard I agree, but both sides have reasons XD

    I think it depends more on the world, as US3 has massive tribes going to war, eat all the barbs, whereas US1 and 2 were one sided wars, noone ever took core barbs and tried to wage war like that
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    Exactly. Defensively if there is an enemy that is going to be competitive then you have no choice but to noble your barbs and even inactive 51 pt villages in order to keep them out. And offensively if you leave your barbs open then I see that as an easy way to noble, stack, set up a church and give you major problems. Maybe the worlds you guys who don't noble barbs play on are set up with all the good players on the same team so you have had no need to advance to this level of play yet. But whatever the reason, it is part of the game and those who do it and understand it gain a tactical advantage over those who do not.
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    Actually sir, I have played this game a while and have done it to success. It is outside your realm of experience of actually trying it. I am not the only one that has used it to success. The easy way is to take the barbarian village. It is when you think outside the box you gain the advantage. Like I said it does not take but a handful of cats with troops on farming runs sent in a rotation to keep buildings down in a barb. I am sorry you are closed off to new concepts of game play.
    Learning new stuff is sometimes hard for those that feel their way is the only way. I can admit when an idea is totally outside my experience but in this case being surrounded by barbarian village eaters in the beginning of a server has been my luck and it stunted the growth of myself and others in my tribe. That is my experience. I know in the beginning of the game only people that are aggressive towards the other tribes stay alive. If you eat barabarians it cuts the time to being that aggressive. I would rather show that I can takeover an enemy that can fight back than a village sitting there with no troops or wall.
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    Now now, no need to be nasty with each other. :D

    I think it is a fair point to make, seeing as I can vouch for N3SS' standpoint, while having come from a strict NO BARB TAKING background myself, that each world is going to present a different "picture" come mid-game. Its a sandbox, already each world I've played has been different.

    And in response to it being possible to coordinate DT like that... C'mon... Of course its possible, its just not easy. And laziness is a killer here :p
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    I never said it was impossible i said i would to see it xD
    No being sarcastic! i wanna see someone that well timed :D
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    How come the MOD.'s let this tread get off topic and not stop it?
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    Must not be Yato moderating it *ZING* haha

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