End World Titles or Awards


I am not sure if it is tracked, I would assume it is for balancing and other reasons, but if at end of world custom titles or awards could be awarded out to leaders in certain areas. These titles or awards could be something Innogames comes up with or let the community suggest and/or vote. Be cool if it could be tied into the game but if not maybe atleast just the forums. This could be a way to reward players for playing the game on each world and doing something and get more interest in the out of game forums. Also could get maybe a custom portrait in game for your account on future worlds that the innogame art team makes for the title?

Now on to the actual things you would get awarded for: Just a few titles I thought of
Player 1 the Crazy, Attacked with the most bezerkers(then list the number, 100 million or w/e)
Player 2 the Joker, sent the most 1 unit attacks to enemy players.(list ammount)
Player 3 the Pacifist, Avoided conflict(least amount troops lost, player had >50 villages)

Obviously I just threw some out but could really come up with cool titles and so forth, not just sure what is tracked if anything and what titles we could all come up with.
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