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Discussion in 'Archive' started by UberTheGoob, Nov 2, 2014.

  1. UberTheGoob

    UberTheGoob Guest

    Just curious......How does a faith bonus increase if/when a single tribe obtains control of an entire province? I am well aware of the perceived bonuses of maintaining a solid grouping of cities, just curious if the game has an additional bonus increase programmed in. Thanks.
  2. Slayan

    Slayan Guest

    Faith bonus only applies for the player that has the church. If multiple tribemates want to occupy a province, they each have to build a church.
  3. UberTheGoob

    UberTheGoob Guest

    So, no additional collective bonus?
  4. Slayan

    Slayan Guest

    That's correct. Each person's faith bonus for a province is determined by the maximum level of a church in a village they occupy in that province.
  5. Bean

    Bean Guest

    Your first village offers you a chapel. Any point in building a chapel in each village you take in that province? Any reason or need to build a church in your first province or is that only for when you start taking villages in different provinces?
  6. Manspider

    Manspider Guest

    Churches and chapels don't stack, but you might want to have 2 or more churches in a province that you expect to fight over. If an enemy sabotages or demolishes your only church, all of your villages in the province will lose their faith bonus and drop to 50% defensive ability. Having multiple is basically a backup.

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