Farewell, from an old TW player


A thank you:

I have not been able to play in a good long while due to time constraints between work and school consistently occupying more attention than I can afford to give to TW2.

As such, I got an email saying my account was going to be deleted, and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the experiences I've had playing this game.

I'm a vet from TW1, I played the game since world 8 was available, and my main account on world 15, AndurilWielder (as a part of a wonderful tribe called DeD that made it to the top 10). I've had a lot of experiences and spent a lot of time playing this game, and its been very fun. Unfortunately when you get millions and millions of points and hundreds of villages it takes far too much time to manage everything effectively haha.

I joined TW2 in the hopes of reliving some of those experiences, and I enjoyed the hardcore update. If there's ever a mainstream PC game based off TW by InnoGames, then I might jump on it again. As I said before, unfortunately I just don't have the time anymore, and that's even more true now that I'll be studying in Japan for a year.

Anyway, I wish everyone here the best of luck, and a great game. :)

-Bael / AndurilWielder
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