We are the tribe that plays the game for the war aspect.....
I played and have helped run alot of top tribes and always been a top player my stats speak for themself...most of my original people are gone or doing other things i came to 15 with a few friends from 14..but with a new server comes the oppurtunity to meet new people and forge some fun battles together.....we will not recruit everyone like some tribes here do and we will not merge with another tribe

If your looking for a fun tribe into strategy and trash talk then hit me up in game...i did pay to lvl a tribe up to help new players out all are welcome to apply and see if your s fit...many wont survive but we respect all people who show respect

Currently we have war with cnd so if your scared of fighting an rmt dont bother applying


The Veteran
convict considers himself the only good player, so to anyone that is told you suck, just remember that convict and cdog, (aka theKingkiller), are way up there in their high horses. Just ignore them. Their insults don't hurt anyone.

Hi im Basher

We are actively kicking members who are inactive and do not participate in everything the tribe does.We also have players who keep an eye on growth daily and record things for our council to see who is helping,growing,etc. I do not say this to brag about how awesome our tribe is (even tho we are pretty awesome) but to warn interested players of how much we care about activity,participation, and communication. We are all a bunch of great people despite what is said on these forums. The tribe is run by our council not by one person. Everyones voice matters here as long as you remain loyal and do everything you can for the tribe we shall have your back like no other tribe will..If you are interested in joining plz apply and leave a detailed description of yourself as a player and what you have to offer our tribe. I know a lot of our members are very vocal including myself in-game but we are just very passionate.There are always two sides to a story so plz hear ours before making any judgements about us. I wish all the tribes luck on this world..Oh and we are only taking players above 1k points.will make exceptions if you fit in really well with us.
Sincerely, Basher